Updated Jordan Tristan Walker Linkedin: Check The Role Of Pfizer, And Complete Details On Jordan Tristan Walker Video

We will explore if Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn profile is available, who he is and why the internet is talking about him.

Are you also aware of the latest news trending about mutating covid virus? What is the role of Pfizer in that? Who is Jordon Tristan Walker, whose name is coming in all these? Have you also seen his video? What do people in the United States and Canada have to say about this news?

We will explore every detail in this Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn post.

What is the latest news?


We are writing this article for information purposes; whatever the news is about Pfizer and Jordan Tristan Walker is originally taken from Project Veritas’ official website.

On January 25, 2023, a video was released by Project Veritas in which one of its journalists talked to Jordon Trishton Walker. Whatever is revealed in the discussion is shocking. Jordon Trishton Walker is said to be a Pfizer Director of Research and Development. Project Veritas exposed him while asking questions related to the company’s plan to make the vaccine against its variants. In the Jordan Tristan Walker Video released, he is seen saying to the journalist that the company is exploring a way to “mutate” COVID via “Directed Evolution.”

What was more discussions made in the video?

The video is approximately ten minutes long, where an undercover journalist asked about Pfizer’s thinking of mutating the virus. The reply that Walker gave in return is unexpected. What Jordan Walker said reveals that Pfizer is internally discussing the possibility of mutating the virus to tailor a vaccine to sell to the public.  

Upon asking how they plan to implement it, Jordan Tristan Walker Pfizer replied that they first put the virus in live animals, especially monkeys. They let them infect each other so that they can collect samples from them. Once they become viral, they will put them in another monkey to just actively mutate. 

Who is Jordan Trishton Walker?


Who is Jordan Trishton Walker

You can also call Jordon Trishton Walker, Jordan Walker, Joran Tristan Lee Walker, Trishton Lee, etc.

He completed his education at UT Southwestern Medical Center (M.D.) and a Bachelor of Science from Yale University.

He has been a Pfizer director for R&D strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning since October 2019.

Is Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn available?

No, his LinkedIn and other social media pages have been removed.

About Project Veritas:

Project Veritas is a non-profit journalism enterprise established in 2010. They aim to fight against corruption and expose misconduct in public and private institutions to achieve a transparent society. It is a registered 501(c)3 organization established by James O’Keefe.Click Here


The shocking video in which Pfizer’s research director talks about the company’s plan to mutate COVID is exposed on the internet. The video is viral on social media and has 26 million views. You can read the original news covered by Project Veritas here.

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Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. Who exposed the news on the internet?

Project Veritas released a 9 minutes 58-second video on its website.

Q2. What is revealed in the video?

In the video, it was revealed that Pfizer is planning to mutate covid to get profit from the vaccine.

Q3. Who is Jordan Tristan Walker?

He is said to be Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development, making all these comments in the video. 

Q4. Is Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn profile available?

No, his profile has been removed from LinkedIn after this controversy.

Q5. What do people have to say about this news?

People are showing anger towards the company and want to know its truth.

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