Read On Empire Record Label Deaths- Who Is Its Owner? Know About Its CEO And Who Owns It!

This write-up provides information on Empire Record Label Deaths and the Label Owner. Stay tuned to this article to know more.

Is there anything suspicious about the Empire Record Label? People from the United States are discussing a weird fact about the Label Deaths of Empire Record. People all over social media are calling Empire Record a Death record. But what is the reason behind that name? If you are seeking the answer to the same question, this is the place for you. In this article, readers will be informed about Empire Record Label Deaths and other important information about the company.

Why is Label Deaths on Empire Record in the spotlight?

The fuss about the Empire Record Label started when one of their rappers passed away, and people were in shock and mourning over him. Some people also think this isn’t the first time Empire Record Label has lost their rapper, and now people have a thing in their mind that Empire record has some connection with the Deaths of their rappers. People from the TikTok and Hip-Hop community suspect that behind these deaths of rappers, there could be a terrifying truth about Empire Record Label.

Who Owns Empire Record Label

EMPIRE Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc., marked as Empire, was founded by Ghazi Shami. Empire is a record label and an American distribution company. Empire has offices in London, New York, Atlanta, and Nashville. Empire releases its albums in many genres, but Empire is widely known for hip-hop music, and its main focus is also to create hip-hop music. 

Empire is in partnership with prominent companies and distributes its music on the platforms like Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, Amazon, SoundCloud, and Deezer. Additionally, Vinyl and physical CDs are being distributed by the Empire to traditional record stores.

Who is Empire Record Label CEO

Ghazi Shami is the CEO of Empire Records Label. He founded Empire in 2010, and till now, Ghazi Shami is in the music industry. He graduated from San Francisco State University in Music Technology. He also worked at Ingrooves as the Director. From his childhood, he loved tech and music, and before he came to the music industry, he used to make computers. Ghazi Shami has released thousands of music since 2010. The company also started the career of many rappers like Cardi B, Migos, Anderson, and Kendrick Lamar, now celebrities.

More about Empire Record Label Owner

As we informed the readers earlier, Ghazi Shami is the owner of Empire Record Label. Ghazi was born in San Francisco, California, USA. Professionally he is a record producer, Entrepreneur, and Music engineer. Ghazi Shami is active on his social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. In 2022 his net worth will be $30 million.


This write-up aims to provide the reader with information on the deaths of the Empire Record Label and information about the owner of the Empire Record Label. If you want to know more about Empire, read here.

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