Doug Mulray Cause of Death: How He Dies? Who Is His Wife? Check His Net Worth & Other Facts Here!

This article provides information on the Doug Mulray Cause of Death and tells the facts related to his death.

Are you looking for information on the death of radio legend Doug Mulray? Recently, the news has been going viral about Doug Mulray, and everyone in Australia and other countries want to know the cause of his sudden death.

If you are here to learn about Doug Mulray cause of Death, check out the article now. 


What happened to Doug Mulray? 

Doug Mulray, who is a known face in the radio industry, died at the age of 71. The reason behind his death is a chronic illness, as he has been battling the illness for several months. He died at a hospital in Sydney, Australia, on March 30, 2023. 

Check out some facts about Doug Mulray and his professional and personal life.

About Doug Mulray: Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Height, and more

Full Name- 

Douglas John Mulray
Date of Birth- December 1, 1957
Place of birth- Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Profession- comedian, Radio and television presenter
Nationality- Australian
Nickname- Doug Mulray, Mulray, Doug
Spouse- Liz Muir
Height and weight-

No information

Doug Mulray Funeral and Obituary 

There are no details mentioned about his funeral. The incident happened recently, so the family needs time to prepare everything regarding the funeral. Doug Mulray Dies because of chronic illness.

According to Doug’s family members and friends, he battled with the chronic illness for several months. When the news came out, everyone listening to Doug got shocked and paid tribute in their way. 

Doug’s obituary is yet to happen, but there’s no confirmed date mentioned anywhere. 

The reaction of other radio jockeys to Doug’s death 

When the news got viral on the internet, everyone said good things about Doug on Twitter and other social media platforms. His friends and acquaintances put his photo on their posts and write good things about him. 

However, Doug’s Wife didn’t come forward as everyone expected her views on the situation. Many readers think that his wife and family need time to analyze the whole thing, and then they will share their feelings. 

Achievements of Doug Mulray

Doug Mulray is a famous Radio Jockey from the 90s who began his career in the 1970s working in the regional station in Armidale. He goes by the name Uncle Doug as a household name Worldwide. 

He was inducted into the Commercial Radio Hall of Fame in 2019. Doug also spent time in the TV industry with different cameos on car racing events like Bathurst 1000. He also hosts his show, i.e., Mulray and Beauty and the Beast. 

With Doug Mulray Cause of Death is clear; everyone who knows him wants a memorable funeral and obituary to remember him always. 

Social media links- 

Final Words 

Doug’s death makes an impact on the radio industry. Everyone is surprised by the news and looking for more information on the funeral and obituary.

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Doug Mulray Cause of Death– FAQs

Q1. What was the hospital name to which Doug was admitted?

A: The hospital name is not mentioned.

Q2. What is Doug’s net worth?

A: Around $1.7 million.

Q3. What are Doug’s known movies?

A: The basement, Beauty and the Beast, Starstruck. 

Q4. When was Doug’s last public appearance?

A: Doug’s last appearance was at the Triple M staff reunion.

Q5. What is the name of Doug’s kids?

A: No information available. 

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