What Is Death Longs Peak? Explore Its Keyhole Route, And Colorado Details!

This article is about Death Longs Peak and the history of the peak in Rocky Mountain. Read more on this topic.

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A Body Was Recovered from Longs Peak

A rescue team had recovered a body from Longs Peak. The official report says the Keyhole route was closed due to the body’s recovery at Longs Peak. The official of Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) further stated that the closure would continue until the recovery is complete. The officials also stated that more details would be disclosed once the body is recovered after the completion of the investigation. The officials warned the climbers against climbing during the snowfall to avoid the Longs Peak Keyhole Route incident.

About Longs Peak

Longs Peak is a popular mountain in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It is located in the front range of the mountain. Longs Peak is the highest in Boulder County and Rocky mountain. The name of the mountain goes after Stephen Harriman Long. Longs Peak is visible from Longmont, Colorado and the northern Front Range. It is said that Stephen Harriman Long discovered the peak for the first time during the expedition to the US. Being the only fourteener, the peak has attracted many climbers. Although many became successful, some of them had to lose their lives.

Death Longs Peak

Many climbers could successfully climb Longs Peak. Unfortunately, some of them had to embrace death while climbing the peak. The recent two incidents have also shown how risky it is to climb the peak. A 22-year-old climber also succumbed to her injury after falling from 100 feet above. Maya Humeau tried to climb through dangerous routes, which led her to dangerous consequences. Her death cast a pale gloom on the whole locality. She was one of the young climbers who lost her life. She uploaded many videos and photos of climbing on her Instagram account while climbing longs peak colorado. Perhaps adopting the dangerous route was the greatest mistake in her life.

However, these are not the only two incidents where climbers have lost their lives. There are many other similar incidents. Due to the ice, many climbers had to take alternative routes, which were dangerous and difficult. Many climbers made their way in shorts and sneakers without wearing any gloves.


Since Longs Peak is the only fourteener on the Rocky Mountain, climbers develop an intense desire to get the experience of climbing to the peak. But sometimes climbers have to face dangerous situations like Death Longs Peak. Due to such unfortunate accidents many climbers lost their lives. To know more, please visit the link.

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