Deal Damage With A Chicken Peck: Explore The Fortnite Challenge And Know How To Deal!

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Fortnite players are searching thoroughly on the internet for a new update of the game. Do you know how to deal damage with a chicken peck you raise? Do you know the chicken you pet can attack your opponent in the near? Do you want to learn the steps to deal? Worldwide players are waiting, eager to learn about chicken peck damage.

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How to deal with a chicken peck to avoid damage?

In the Fortnite game, the players are unaware that their tamed chickens can attack their opponents when they surpass them. The chicken peck will act harmful when chromed or provoked—the secret hidden from the players by mechanics.

Now, the Epic Game developers ask players to complete the damage on opponents. The players who have 20000experenice points can deal with the task. In short, let us inform you, land on the hotspot, aim at chicken, and tame. Now range the opponent and be ready to peck them. This is the way how to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck Fortnite.

 Let us make your work easy with simple steps to follow and try to complete your task. Read the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Find a hotspot zone and get ready for chicken.

Players are required to land on the hotspot which ever nearer to them. The various hotspot zones present in the game are Tainted Towers, Cloudy Condos and Flutter ban. The challenge finishes when you can grab all the weapons available for you.

The player needs to move south direction in this challenge. This task is a melee-range fight to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck. And you will be handing over a few more supplies when you start. It would help if you got ready with a shotgun and SMG.


Find a hotspot zone and get ready for chicken.

Get ready to find chicken to train.

Now the players are landed safely on the hotspot. It is time for the player to search for the chicken to train. The many supplies are now secured, and you start to hunt for the chicken in POI. We suggested a way to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck challenge to look west side of POI, and our expectation in Flutter Barn came true. Cross the river to locate various spawn locations.

 When you find chicken need not try to hurry to catch it. Once you fail to grab the chicken, it will run here and there and make you messy. So wait till it settles and get successful in catching it.

Make chicken ready with melee range to attack the opponent.

The players should be able to tame the chicken for his task. The real challenge is how to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck. The player should run towards the enemy holding a chicken to create melee range for attack. While trying to move the forward opponent, the player has to move in various directions with their foot to escape from the fireworks done by the enemy.

There is another way, as the act is hard for the players to aim rightly at the enemy. The players can nettle NPCs and make them hostile. The opponents are aimless now, and the player can get with the chicken quickly for the attack.

Attacking the opponent.

Once a player reaches the opponent with a chicken and attacks the opponent to fill the challenge, Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck. Players must stand before an enemy or hostile NPC holding the chicken.

If the player can peck the opponent with chicken, the Fortnite task gets completed after the challenge; players can eliminate the opponent or NPCs and continue the game.

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Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck- FAQS

Q1. What is the new challenge in the Fortnite game?

Players need to deal damage with the chicken they tame.

Q2. Will the chicken we tame attack opponents?

Yes, the chicken attacks when provoked or chromed.

Q3. How to deal with chicken peck?

Four steps are mentioned above in the article.

Q4. What is the first step?

Players should find near a hotspot to land and find chicken.

Q5. What is the second step?

The player must hold the chicken in position to attack opponents.

Q6. What is the final step?

Players need to attack the opponent with chicken pecks for once.

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