Daniel Tibia Death-What Is The Crime Scene? Check His And Gabriel Kuhn Crime Scene Photos Here!

In the given article, we will give information about the Daniel Tibia Death scene and share the complete story. Keep reading more.

Do you know who Daniel Petry is? Are you aware of the Tibia murder case? Daniel is a 16 year old Brazilian boy charged with the murder case of a 12-year-old kid.

His crime reports are trending in the United States as he was charged with murder, and brutally killing a young kid in his childhood. To read the full story on Daniel Tibia Death, follow the article thoroughly. 

Source: opensquares.org

Murder Story 

Daniel was mentally ill and had psychiatric problems; at 16, he killed his friend Gabriel. Daniel loves to play online games. He played the Tibia online game with his friend Gabriel, and they often met. 

One day Gabriel asked to lend him $1.75 in-game currency, and confirmed that he will return it to him later. However, he failed to return. Hence, Daniel reached Gabriel’s house and beat him to death when he couldn’t return the money.

Daniel and Gabriel Crime Scene

Daniel went to Gabriel’s house with criminal intentions, but when Gabriel refused to let him in, Daniel told him that he wanted to ask for apology. Daniel entered the house, locked the door, dragged the 12-year kid Gabriel, and physically assaulted him.

When Gabriel threatens him that he will tell the parents, Daniel takes the Power cord wire around his neck and beats him until he dies. While disposing of the body, he also chopped his legs to reduce weight to drag the body.

Daniel and Gabriel Crime Scene Photos

The murder pictures are available on Tik Tok and the internet. There are not many pictures of the crime scene, but you can see the innocent face of 16-year-old Daniel. The sources also provide pictures of Gabriel. 

In 2010 he was released from jail and disappeared after that. Sources confirm that he returned to Brazil after completing the sentence. Daniel Petry Gabriel Kuhn murder case was so horrific that it is rough for a teenager to kill a dearest friend. 


Daniel Petry killed his friend Gabriel by entering his house and assaulting him, and beating him to death. He even chopped his body to dispose of.  You can get more social news on Daniel Petry case  

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