[Updated] Christina Ashten Gourkani Instagram: Who Was Christina Ashten? Explore Her Full Wikipedia Details Along With Net Worth, Birthday, Twitter, IG, and Reddit Account

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Who was Christina Ashten Gourkani? Why is Christina in the headlines? What happened to Ashten Gourkani? How did Ashten die? How old was Christina when she died? If you want to know the details about Christina Ashten, read the article on Christina Ashten Gourkani Instagram, we will try to explain all the facts and information about the topic after Christina’s death. Everyone Worldwide is searching for details about her. 

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Updates About Christina’s Instagram

On 20th April, the lookalike of Kim Kardashian, Christina Ashten, died shortly after going into cardiac arrest. She was recovering from plastic surgery but unfortunately died. She was just 34 years old. Her Instagram page is trending because everyone is searching for her, but the page has probably been deactivated because the page is not available. 

Personal Details on Christina

Although there is no official page for Ashten on Wikipedia, we will provide all possible details about her in the table below. The details are collected through credible sources.

Name Christina Ashten Gourkani
Age  34 years
Birthplace United States (city not known)
Profession OnlyFan Model and social media influencer
Birthdate 22nd October 1988
Parents No details available
Ethnicity American and Iranian
Nationality  American
Education She was a graduate
Height She was 5 feet and 6 inches tall
Main Feature She was a look-a-like of Kim Kardashian
Net-worth As per sources, her Net Worth is somewhere between 10,000 to 50,000 dollars.
Nickname She was known as Ashten G

Obituary Details 

Christina Ashten Gourkani, a woman known for her striking resemblance to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, passed away last week at 34. Gourkani was a social media influencer and had amassed more than six hundred thousand followers on Instagram, where she often shared photos of herself recreating Kardashian’s iconic looks and outfits. 

While Gourkani may have been known for her resemblance to the celebrity on IG, those close to her remember her for her kind heart and infectious personality. The news of her passing has left many fans and followers in mourning. The funeral is supposed to be held next week.

Statement By Ashten’s Family 

Her death was confirmed by her family, who stated that she had been struggling after plastic surgery. At 4 am, her family received a distressed call from one of her family members at the hospital, who was sobbing and screaming, told that “She is dying, she is dying.” Her family said that Ashten was very happy and positive about it Before Surgery

As an expert explained, her heart stopped pumping due to some complications, and she got into cardiac arrest. There must be something wrong with the surgery procedure she had gone through. A proper investigation into the surgery and its procedure has been initiated. Her family has started a fundraiser for her medical cost and funeral services expenses on GoFundMe. They have raised quite a hefty sum of money till now.


Christina Ashten Gourkani, also known as Ashten G, passed away on 20th April following a cardiac arrest. It is trending on Reddit that she underwent plastic surgery and was recovering from it. Her family is shocked and shattered beyond words; it is tough to accept that their young daughter is no more. She was famous for her uncanny resemblance with Kim Kardashian and underwent multiple surgeries to look like her. For more details, click here and watch this video.

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Do Read Updates on Christina Ashten Twitter: FAQs

Q1. Who was Christina Gourkani?

A1. She was a famous Instagram Model and influencer. Christina was a look-a-like of Kim Kardashian.

Q2. When did she die?

A2. She died around 4:00 am on 20th April 2023.

Q3. How did she die?

A3. She died due to a heart attack following plastic surgery.

Q4. How old was she, and what was her nickname?

A4. Christina, also known as Ashten G, was just thirty-four years old.

Q5. Why is her Instagram account trending?

A5. After her death, her official Instagram of, Ashten, was removed. Thus, people are searching for it.

Q6. When was her Birthday?

A6. Her Birthday falls on 22nd October. She was born in 1988.

Q7. When is her funeral?

A7. The exact details of her funeral have not been revealed yet, but it will probably take place next week. 

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