Chota Dalal Gangster Biography: Meet Parents, Wiki, Age & Net worth 2024

Our research on the Chota Dalal Gangster Biography will let you know about the personal life details of Chota Dalal and why he is trending on social media.

The gangster war in Faridabad, a town in Haryana has led everyone in India, Bangladesh, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom to get updates on the gangsters involved in this case and Chota Dalal is one of them.

Know About Chota Dalal Gangster Biography!

Chotal Dala Gangster is a Hindu Jaat hailing from the Indian state, of Haryana. He is five feet and five inches tall and has been involved in many criminal activities. He is famous on social media and followed by many people. 

He usually posts the content on weapons or pistols. His activities are impacting society negatively and his posts have created a sense of fear and terror among the people. 

He has also been arrested under the Arms Act and is convicted of 68 murders. Recently, he has been trending because of the ongoing controversy between Rajveer Sisodia and Rajat Dalal. Chotal Dala is one of the supporters of Rajat Dalal who is also from the Jaat community.

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Chota Dalal Gangster Mandothi

The real name of Chota Dalal is Sukhan Redhu and he hails from the Haryana district. He has been involved in many criminal activities and was arrested for showcasing or publicizing arms on social media. 

He is supporting Rajat Dalal in the fight between Rajat and Rajveer. Rajveer Sisodia is from Ghaziabad, a district of Uttar Pradesh. He belongs to the Rajput community. They have decided to solve their disagreements via the fight that was to be held in Bahadurgarh. 

Chota Dala Wiki details! 

As per the details, it was revealed that Chota Dalal is a supporter of Rajat Dalal and he has been seen in the latest video of Rajat standing alongside him. 

The video was posted on social media and it went viral in no time across every social media platform. 

Net worth 2024 of Chota Dalal! 

The net worth of Chota Dalal remains unknown. Most of his money came from illegal and criminal acts. However, the exact details of his earnings and net worth have not been unknown. 

We have to wait for the online authorities to publish details on the net worth of 2024. 

Net worth 2024 of Chota Dalal
Net worth 2024 of Chota Dalal

Age of Chota Dalal! 

The details about Chota Dalal have not been mentioned exclusively. Most of the details about his personal life remain unknown. His age details or the date of birth have not been found. 

It was revealed that he was raised in a humble family. However, he faced various challenges during his early ages. Facing these challenges has compelled his life to take a turn. 

Parents details of Chota Dalal! 

We could not find the details about his mother and father. Only the details about his origin have been mentioned. Most of the details about these gangsters are not revealed. Hence, we cannot find all the details. 

Interpretation from the life of Chota Dalal! 

The life of such criminals or gangsters is uncertain. Their locations and personal life details are difficult to track. The fight between the two fitness influencers who turned into famous Youtubers has taken over the internet.

After Chota Dalal was featured in the viral video of Rajat Dalal, people started to have curiosity about this gangster. Some people say that he is the richest gangster in Haryana. 

Moreover, we do not support any such criminal or illegal activities by any person. We have only provided the details based on the latest updates.

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