Charlie Chaplin Son and Marilyn Monroe-Who Is His Jr? Is Charles Gifford Marilyn Father? Read On And Grab Exact Info!

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Do you love to watch movies on Netflix? Have you watched the latest Marilyn Monroe film Blonde on Netflix? If not, you should not miss the movie and this article. Blonde is one of the controversial movies of the year. The film depicts the life of the Worldwide famous actress Marilyn Monroe. 

In the movie, Charlie Chaplin Son and Marilyn Monroe are seen together. If you have not seen the movie yet, then you should watch it, and please keep reading this article.


Is there any romantic scene between Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin Jr in the movie?

At the beginning of the movie, you will see a three-way relationship between Marilyn Monroe, Cass Chaplin, and Eddy Robinson. So, that means you can see a romantic scene between Charlie Chaplin Jr and Marilyn in the movie. After Anthony Summer’s biography Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, everyone believed that there was a relationship between Monroe and Chaplin. 

Those who don’t know about Eddy Robinson and Cass Chaplin, let us clear this to you. Eddy Robinson is the son of Edward G Robinson and Cass Chaplin is the son of Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin. Now, you must have recognized them. 

Were Charlie Chaplin Jr and Monroe in a relationship?

It is believed that Chaplin Jr and Marilyn Monroe were in a relationship. But in the movie Blonde, the director depicts the relationship between Monroe, Chaplin, and Robinson. In reality, there was no existence of such a connection between Chaplin, Robinson, and Monroe. 

According to summer’s book, Marilyn met Eddy Robinson through screen pass. Gradually, they developed a relationship. But this relationship happened after Marilyn’s break up with Cass Chaplin. 

Marilyn Monroe Father:

According to the biography, the actual name of Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jeane. She was born on 1st June 1926 to 26-year-old Gladys Baker. Gladys told Marilyn that Charles Stanley Gifford was her father. Gladys and Charles worked at RKO Studios. 

But on Marilyn’s birth certificate, Martin Edward Mortensen, Gladys’ one-time husband’s name was there. In 2022, after a DNA test of Marilyn’s hair and a cheek swab of Charles’ grandchildren, it was proved that Charles Stanley Gifford was Marilyn’s father. 


That’s it for today’s article about Charles Gifford Marilyn Monroe. Those who are eager to explore more details we advise you, go and watch the movie. You can click on the link to get detailed information about Marilyn Monroe

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