Canadian Rockies Train Tour: What Makes it Unique From Other Train Tours?

When you take a peek outside your train’s window, you will find the high peaks of Mt. Robson raking the breathtaking cobalt sky. You can witness this beautiful view when the train hurdles through the Canadian Rockies.

This is an eye candy of nature that tempts all travelers during the rail journey between Jasper National Park and Vancouver. But going on a Canadian Rockies train trip will be ideal for you, and there are several reasons behind it. You will learn about these reasons from this post.

What Makes Canadian Rockies Train Journey the Best?

There are countless reasons that prove the Canadian Rockies train journey is one of the best. Whether you’re traveling with your relatives, best buddies, or all by yourself, the train trip will offer you an incredible experience. So, what are these reasons? Let’s find out!

  • There are Experts on the Train

If you’re taking the train trip to the Canadian Rockies for the first time, you might want to learn more about the places that you get to see during the ride. Due to such reasons, there will be trained experts who will explain to you the various places that you will encounter.

The train experts are patient and extremely informative. They will explain to you the various trees, birds, and animals found in the area you’re traveling from. The experts will also give you some insights into how the area looks or feels during various seasons.

  • It’s Affordable

The great thing about the Canadian Rockies train tours is that they are extremely affordable. The train tours come with discounts and offers during seasonal and national holidays.

Taking up these deals will help you lower the pricing so that you can enjoy your train tour at a price that matches your budget. Besides that, you can also get yourself a CanrailPass.

This pass will enable you to make 7 one-way trips anywhere on Canadian soil without much hassle.

  • The Train Trips are Comfortable

Exploring the Canadian Rockies by train will be a comfortable one. You can choose the cozy cabins that come with private bathrooms and showers. You can also opt for the double berths with access to the showers along with spacious economy class seating.

As a guest, you will get access to the dining hall, where you can try out some of the high-quality chef-made delicacies. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and check out the scenery outside when touring the Canadian Rockies during the winters. It will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • You Will Get a Personalized Train Trip

The Canadian Rockies vacation packages are not like the “one-size-fits-for-all” tours. These tour packages are independent and custom at the same time. This means you get to decide what you want to and don’t want to include in the tour, and the experts will make sure to get it done.

Having a personalized train trip will increase the level of excitement and fun. It will also enable you to make unique and beautiful memories with your loved ones. You are free to pick all your preferred excursions and get to opt for some of the organized activities as well.

If you’re confused and don’t know what to include in your personalized package, you can speak with the experts. They will suggest to you some options or tips that will surely be helpful.


Exploring the Canadian Rockies will let you see the new side of this beautiful nation. You will come across incredible scenery during your travels and you will certainly be awestruck with what nature in Canada has in store. Be sure to book tickets quickly and set out on a journey to explore Canada like never before. 

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