[Updated] Buster Murdaugh Gay: Is Buster Murdaugh Married? Also Explore Complete Details On Stephan Smith Case

This post on Buster Murdaugh Gay will discuss all the important details related to the rumours about Buster Murdaugh being gay.

Do you know Buster Murdaugh? Have you heard about the scandals of the Murdaugh family? The Murdaugh family is the main discussion of people on social media platforms. Also, many people from the United States, Canada and Germany are asking about Buster Murdaugh’s physicality and are wondering if Buster was involved in any of the scandals of the Murdaugh family. This post will discuss all the crucial details about the scandals to find out if Buster Murdaugh Gay, so please keep reading this post till the end.

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Why are people assuming Buster Murdaugh is gay?

After the trial of the Murdaugh murders was over, Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the murder of his wife and son. Alex’s surviving son Buster Murdaugh is the centre of the discussion of media. As per sources, many people say he was involved in the murder of his classmate Stephan Smith. Stephan was openly LGBTQ and was Buster’s classmate. In 2015, Stephan was found dead near rural Hampton County.

His case was concluded as a hit-and-run case. Besides this, people also questioned Is Buster Murdaugh Married; the answer is Buster Murdaugh is not married yet, but he has a girlfriend. However, some people suspected that Buster was LGBTQ and was physically involved with Stephan Smith, but to hide this secret, Stephan was killed by someone from the Murdaugh family. However, this claim is not confirmed yet but is just some people’s speculation. Also, Netflix recently launched a documentary on the Murdaugh family, raising some doubts about Buster Murdaugh for Stephan Smith’s death.


We do not aim to blame or target anyone through our article on Buster Murdaugh Gay. All the information in this article has been taken from the internet and is just for informative purposes.

What has Buster said about the speculations?

Buster Murdaugh recently published a statement where he denied all the allegations related to Buster Murdaugh Gay said that he is distressed by the death of his mother and brother and also the life sentence of his father. He also said that he tried to stay private, but the constant criticism from people saying that Buster was involved in Stephan Smith’s murder is why he had to say something in the media. He said that he was never involved in the murder of Stephan Smith, and all the rumours about his involvement are false. 

He also said that he prayed for the well-being of Stephan’s family and denied all the rumours about Buster Murdaugh Gay. Besides this, Stephan Smith’s family has recently sent Stephan’s body for autopsy after almost seven years. The autopsy process is not completed yet but is under process.

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Final verdict

To conclude this post, Buster Murdaugh has denied all the allegations of him being LGBTQ or being involved in the murder of Stephan Smith. Please visit this link to learn more about the Murdaugh family

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Buster Murdaugh Gay – FAQs

Q1. Who is Buster Murdaugh?

Answer: Buster Murdaugh is the surviving son of Alex Murdaugh.

Q2. Are the rumours of Buster Murdaugh being LGBTQ true?

Answer: Buster Murdaugh has denied all the allegations in his latest social media post.

Q3. Why are people assuming Buster Murdaugh is LGBTQ?

Answer: People assume Buster Murdaugh is LGBTQ because the latest Netflix documentary on the Murdaugh family alleges Buster is LGBTQ.

Q4. When did Stephan Smith die?

Answer: Stephan Smith died in 2015.

Q5. How did Stephan Smith die?

Answer: During our research on Buster Murdaugh Gay, we found that Stephan Smith died because of a car accident as he was hit by a car near Hampton County road.

Q6. What did the autopsy report of Stephan Smith say?

Answer: The autopsy report of Stephan Smith has not been released yet as Stephan’s body went for autopsy just a few days ago.

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