Find If Bill UK Gov Com Scam: Explore Full Details On Energy Bill Support Scheme

This post will tell you about Bill UK Gov com Scam messages and what steps you should take if you receive such messages.

Do you get discounts on your electricity bills? If you receive such texts from the Energy projects website, then you should ignore such texts. This scam in the United Kingdom has fooled the citizens. Bill UK Gov com Scam texts are being received, which has created a fearful environment in the country. Please spend some time on this post and learn about this scam.

About Energy Bill UK Gov Scam

Many people have received texts that their bills have been discounted by £400. You may either receive a normal text or an email. The senders also attach links that redirect you to another website. This website is only a source to phish personal data and fool innocent citizens. Please do not respond if you receive such texts. It is a technique to fool and take out personal information.

Energy Bill Support Scheme

The UK government offers this scheme to the residents to give rebates on energy bills. The motive is to lower the burden of eligible household’s electricity bills’ burden from 2022 to 2023. The discounts will be applied to 6-month bills, and the households do not have to register anywhere as the electricity department will give you discounted bills. For October and November, households may get a £66 rebate, while for December to March, they may get £67. It will help the consumers to minimize the burden of electricity bills.

As we said that the consumers need not visit any site. If you receive Bill UK Gov com Scam message, you should ignore it or report it. Also, you can immediately block the sender and submit a complaint to a government office.


Summing up this post, we told the readers about this energy bill phishing scam. You can reach the official government site to know more about this rebate scheme. But, the scammers are misusing this scheme and fooling a lot of people in the United Kingdom. It is a matter of concern, and we hope the authorities will track those scammers soon. Also, citizens should not click on any unwanted links to avoid the risk of fraud.

What are your views on Bill UK Gov com Scam? Please let us know if you need more details on this Energy Bill Scam.

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