Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers: What Is The Latest Update? Check Here Now!

This article gives information on the Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers and discusses the search and rescue case facts.

Do you want to know about the Beaver Lake Missing person case updates? News is coming out about the missing person near Beaver Lake in Arkansas. Everyone in the United States is trying to look out for the Lotus band member. 

If you want to know the whole Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers information, check out the article now. 

Why did the incident happen?

The incident happened when the family went on a spring break trip to Beaver Lake, Arkansas. The father and son have been missing for five days and were last seen near the Lost Bridge. 

What is the status of Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers?

When the news got viral, the state started supporting the search and considering it the recovery mission. Boats and search dogs are deployed for the search of father and son who found one Kayak and a jacket. 

Although the research is still going on, there is other information that needs to come out. 

Who are the father and son?

The missing person’s names are Charles Morris (father) and Charley Morris (Son). Jennifer Thompson, the wife of Charles, said that law enforcement is working on the Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers case and trying to find them.

However, the Lt. Shannon Jenkins of Benton County Sheriff says that he presumed them dead. He thinks they are drowned after falling into a cold lake from a Kayak while the other person tries to rescue him. 

Is there any news about the survival of Charles and Charley?

Unfortunately, no news is available about them, confirming that they are both alive and well. The search team is searching for them near the area where they were last seen.

However, it’s been five days, and their chances of survival are reduced daily. However, if there is any other update on the Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers, we will update the article for our readers. 

Who is Charles Morris?

Charles Morris is an acclaimed percussionist with electric guitar for a Lotus band. He is a father of two kids, i.e., Charlie and a 12-year-old daughter. His sudden disappearance from his son points out many questions.

However, the police and the authorities are trying to find updates on the case but couldn’t find much. 

What are the reactions of the netizens?

All the people in the United States are worried about the Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers. The Lotus band created a GoFundMe, which raises about $60,000 for the family so that their problems can be solved.

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Final Words 

the father-son missing case is taking many turns, and let’s hope that the police find them quickly and safely. Click here for more information

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Beaver Lake Arkansas Missing Kayakers– FAQs

Q1. When did the incident happen?

A: The father-son went missing nearly a week ago.

Q2. Are they dead?

A: There’s no official news coming out which supports the fact.

Q3. What did the police find through the investigation?

A: The police found some clues like a hat and jacket.

Q4. Who is involved in the search?

A: Cajun Search and Rescue.

Q5. Where was the father-son last seen?

A: They were last seen at a nearby lost bridge.

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