[Unblurred] Bashid McLean Original Photo No Blur: Why He Holding His Mom McLean Tania Head? Get Details!

The article highlights the information about Bashid McLean Original Photo No Blur, and the related incidents that happened ten years ago.

Have you heard about the horrific murder in which a boy killed his mother? The 2013 incident has come up recently, and people from the United States and Poland are traumatized after they came across several pictures surfacing on the Internet.

The article will discuss Bashid McLean Original Photo No Blur images recently seen by people online. Stay tuned to know more.

Disclaimer: We do not spread any negative information; the news provided here is taken from online sources.

Details of Bashid McLean Original Photo No Blur

In the recent shocking revelation, people learned about the 2013 incident where a boy named Bahsid McLean killed his mother, held her decapitated head like a trophy, and took a selfie. The story terrified people, especially the TikTok users who came across the incident recently, and the disturbing incident went viral in September 2023 when public media users shared the story that happened 10 years ago.

The incident happened in February 2013 when Tanya Byrd was killed by her oldest son, kept inside garbage bags, and dumped in several locations in New York. These pictures were found on his mobile phone, and he was seen posing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur Images Traumatizes People.

The boy was only 23 years old when he committed the crime, and the uncensored photo of him holding her mother’s head made people insomniac. Some people were looking for the video even though the uncensored video was unavailable on the Internet. Still, a blurred picture is doing rounds on the Internet, especially on TikTok. 

Bashid McLean is serving 25 years imprisonment for killing his mother. He stabbed her, cut her body, and disposed of it in various locations. The incident clearly shows that the boy was not in a good state of mind, and people who came across the story believed that he was sick in the head, which was the foulest crime anyone could ever commit.

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Bashid McLean, Tania Head Pictures, going viral

The blurred version of the image is going viral on TikTok, and the uncensored pictures are unavailable. We also advise users not to share these pictures as it can create a negative impact on human minds and it shows the humanity a person can have. 

The boy committed the crime with the help of another man who was arrested after a few days and said he was the one behind instigating Basheer to kill his mother.

An official authority revealed that the boy was not happy with her mother, asking him to grow up, move out of their house, and take care of himself independently.

What is the current information about McLean?

Bashid McLean is serving his imprisonment for the charge of second-degree murder. After a decade, when the Bashid McLean Original Photo No Blur came up, people were terrified after knowing the complete story. 

He appeared dressed in a garbage bag in court and was sent for psychiatric evaluation. Both of them who were arrested in the murder blamed each other for the genius crime. The social media platforms are flooded with messages against the boy, and their extreme reactions are seen.

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Tanya Byrd (45) was dismembered by son who took a picture posing with her severed head. (Photo edited/SFW)
byu/cycophuk inWTF



The incident happened a decade ago but has blown people’s minds. We have not seen the real photo where Bashid holds his mother’s head, and we do not support sharing such sensitive content online. People can only see the uncensored videos doing rounds on online platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

What are your thoughts on the horrific crime? Comment below.

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