Autopacific NZ Invoice Scam- Read NZ Invoice Scam

Autopacific NZ Invoice Scam write-up details a scam that uses the auto pacific name to cheat customers. 

Are Autopacific Group fake invoices being used by scammers for cheating financial firms? Are keywords related to auto-pacific scams trending on social sites like Twitter and Reddit? There are two well-known companies named auto pacific; one is into automotive research, while the other is into towing and cargo management. 

Some keywords related to auto pacific were circulating in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. Autopacific NZ Invoice Scam researched the auto pacific keyword and tried to find the scam related to it.


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Is Autopacific Com Involved in Invoice Scam?

Autopacific com is a well-known automotive research firm that was established in 1986. Its expertise in product development, market planning, market research, and consulting has helped industry players understand consumer demand. 

It is also helping the electric vehicle industry understand different aspects of the automotive market and develop products accordingly. Autopacific is playing a significant role in establishing the electric vehicle industry through its relevant research publication. We found no scam news related to this automotive and research firm.

Autopacific NZ Invoice For Fake Purchase:

Some financial companies in Canada received fake invoices to purchase the products. The Autopacific Group, based in Australia and New Zealand, sells accessories products to cargo and other related industries. Sometimes companies create fake purchase invoices and send them to financial firms for reconciliation and final payment.

Autopacific New Zealand is involved in manufacturing engineering accessories products, but we found no details to confirm that it has issued a fake invoice. Some people may be using the fake invoice of this manufacturing company to dupe financial firms. 

Is Legit or Scam?

The Auto pac group is an Australian manufacturing company operating in New Zealand and Thailand. We have listed some details of this website to check its legitimacy.

  • The domain of the website was registered on 1st November 2019.
  • The website’s popularity is zero.
  • We found no customer reviews of products sold on this platform.
  • The domain will expire on 1st November 2023.
  • The trust index of the portal is 100%.
  • The website has a trust score of 68%.
  • The company address is not mentioned on the website’s contact us page.
  • We found no social media icon attached to this website.

Autopacific NZ Scam:

Some scammers are using the name of Autopacific NZ to cheat people of their essential information. The fraudulent e-mail is sent to people with an offer of a prize, and it wants the participant to share their detail. Many people in the United Kingdom complained of receiving scammer e-mails recently.

People should avoid clicking on unsolicited e-mails and prevent themselves from any scams. The scammer’s prime objective is to get the customer’s financial details to commit financial fraud. People receiving suspicious e-mails should immediately report the matter to the cyber security service.

Social Media Reactions to Autopacific NZ Invoice Scam:

We found no keywords related to auto-pacific scams trending on sites like Twitter and Reddit. Reddit has no thread on the auto pacific scam, and other social sites have also not mentioned it. As most sites have not reported this scam, there are few comments on it.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

There are some reports of e-mail scams related to Autopacific NZ, but we found nothing against the Autopacific Company. The legit detail and other parameters also favor Autopacific Company based in New Zealand. 

Have you received any suspicious e-mails related to Autopacific NZ? Please Comment.

Autopacific NZ Invoice Scam: FAQs

Q.1 Does autopacific com has social media presence?

Yes, auto pacific com is active on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Q.2 What services are provided by the Auto Pacific com Website? provide services like industry analysis, sales forecasting, and consumer research.

Q.3 Is the keyword related to auto pacific scam trending On Twitter?

No, we found no keyword related to auto-pacific scams trending on Twitter.

Q.4 Is the Linked profile of the auto pacific group present on the internet?

Yes, the auto pacific group LinkedIn profile is preset on the internet.

Q.4 Is Hyman Reese, part of the Autopacific group?

Yes, Hyman Reese is part of the Autopacific Group dealing in Towbar.

Q.5 Is involved in the scam?

We found nothing that supports auto-pac group involvement in Invoice scams.

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