Lasell University Student Scam: Check What Did The Police Say About The Case, Also Find The Details On Trip to Hawaii

Read consolidated details unavailable elsewhere about Lasell University Student Scam to learn about its timeline, investigation, and plot.

The scam done by one of the Lasell University students – Ariel Foster, is a shocking example of how youngsters in the United States turn to scams to achieve their dreams! 

You may have heard about the Foster’s scam, but did you know that on 16th-February-2023, her achievements were highlighted in a newspaper? What was revealed in the initial investigation? Let’s find out exclusive facts about Lasell University Student Scam.


Background of the scam:

Foster was honored with several awards as a sprinter from Lasell! Foster had set a new mark on February 3rd and 4th by putting up a record time of 7.82 seconds in the preliminary round, making her way to the finals. Her school’s previous sprinter had set a benchmark of 7.90 seconds.


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After two days, on 6th-February-2023, Foster bought a Tesla car worth $35,000.00. At that point, everyone appreciated her as a career-oriented hard worker focused on getting prizes and achieving her dreams. In an interview, Foster Buys Tesla as she used to dreamed about Tesla car from a young age. Foster is 19-years old now. She said that she wanted to lead a wealthy lifestyle.

She thanked the support given by her coach. In February, no one knew Foster was scamming people to get money credited to her credit card! Her coach also appreciated her. People thought that to earn prizes and achieve her dreams, Foster was working hard by pursuing her criminal justice degree, getting trained as an athlete, and working at Lovisa (a jewellery store at Massachusetts’s Burlington Mall).

Foster had spent approximately $6,000.00 on Delta Air Lines tickets for a Trip to Hawaii. Around the same time, for almost three weeks in February-2023, Foster made eight unauthorized transactions summing up to $547,187! Foster had spent over $20,000.00 at a hotel in Maui, and $5,000.00 towards a Lovisa Vuitton purse.

One of the Lovisa store employees became suspicious when Foster failed to clear one million-dollar transaction. It was a huge amount. The employee reported the transactions, and Foster’s scam came to light! 

Initial investigation revealed that Foster used to overbill her own sales transactions. Later, she used to return the items and reverse the overbilled amount. She used to put her credit card number to get the excess amount credit to her account. This was how Lasell University Student Scam was plotted and executed by Foster!

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Foster was arrested on Wednesday, 8th-March-2023 and presented before the Woburn District Court on Friday, 10th-March-2023. David Levenberg from the Center Security Services said criminals would exploit loopholes and weaknesses in the payment system. There was a flaw in Lovisa accounting system as it should have raised the alarm when a $5K transaction towards a purse was reversed.

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Lasell University Student Scam – FAQ

1Q. What was the action taken by the Police?

Police searched Foster’s dorm room at the university and her home in Boston on Wednesday, 8th-March, before arresting her.

2Q. What charges were levied on Foster?

Foster was charged $1,200.00 and larceny charges. If found guilty, Foster may face imprisonment for up to 5-years.

3Q. Was Foster imprisoned?

No. Foster was released on bail. 

4Q. What did the police comment about Foster’s case?

Tom Browne (Burlington Police Chief) said he was shocked as Foster was just 19-years old. How could she think she would do a scam and get away unnoticed? Police Say that if school kids inform they bought a Telsa car, it will definitely raise flags.

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