5 Sitcoms to Watch With the Whole Fam

Watching sitcoms that are centered around families can be a great way for you to bond with your own peers. These shows give you much-needed laughter, tears of joy, and emotional scenes, and teach you the importance of being surrounded by your family members. There is no family that is perfect. In a way, every family is a bit dysfunctional and this is exactly what these sitcoms show us. 

If you are planning an activity to bond with your entire family or perhaps, you live alone and looking for ways to bring back that feeling of living with your favorite people, then how about you watch the sitcoms we have mentioned in this article?

So, brace yourself to laugh, cry, and cheer up because these shows are definitely going to keep you entertained. 

1. Schitt’s Creek (2015 – 2020)

This show is criminally underrated. If you have never watched it, then don’t waste a single second and stream it right away. This Canadian sitcom has an amazing cast, hilarious dialogues, and one of the best character developments you will ever watch in the history of television. 

Schitt’s Creek tells the story of the Rose family, who suddenly goes bankrupt. But there is only one thing they still have to their name; a town called Schitt’s Creek. Johnny Rose bought this town as a joke for his son David but now that the family of four – a son, daughter, and husband, wife – is left with only this town, they have no choice but to live there. 

You can watch all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. However, make sure you have the right internet connection so you can stream it in HD. For this, we suggest getting a subscription to Xfinity since it delivers a blazing-fast connection with no lags and buffering. So, contact Xfinity servicio al cliente (for Spanish speakers) and talk to the sales agent directly about the installation process. 

2. Modern Family (2009 – 2020)

How can we create a list of the best family sitcoms and not mention this masterpiece? There is absolutely no way! Modern Family is a wholesome show that reminds you what it is really like living with a big tight-knit family. It gives you an accurate insight into what any American family looks like. 

The show tells the stories of three modern-day families; the Pritchett family, the Dunphy clan, and the Pritchett Tucker family. Each one has to deal with their own problems but the whole family stays together through thick and thin. You watch the times change for them, and the kids grow up and go through important life events. 

All the episodes of the modern family are available on Disney+ for you to stream right now. 

3. Black-ish (2014 – 2022)

Black-ish is more than just a sitcom. It deals with some of the serious societal and individual issues and that too quite masterfully. You get to watch a family that deals with real-life problems and still manages to come out stronger. What’s more, Black-ish shows a commendable representation of mental health and family issues. 

Black-ish tells the story of an upper-class American-American family; Johnsons. The husband Dre, his wife, and their four children move to a new place in hopes of fitting in and finding their place in society. Dre has his own struggles with gaining a sense of belonging in a society that is dominated by white people. 

4. Fresh Off the Boat (2015 – 2020)

Set in the ’90s, Fresh Off the Boat tells the real story of the Huang family. In the 1990s, the Huang family moves to the US and the parents decide to live in Orlando Florida, with their three children and the grandmother. Louis opens a cowboy-themed steakhouse but faces a bit of difficulty in running it properly. 

The show has an all-Asian-American main cast and gives you a real insight into the struggles of the Huang family when they first relocated to the United States. It takes you on a ride of enlightenment, where you learn about family values, love, friendship, and tough love. 

5. The Goldbergs (2013 – 2023)

The show is set in the 80s and accurately shows you what it was like living in those times. It is filled with the pop culture references of the time and it can be a great watch for all those of you who wonder what it would have been like living in that era. 

The show follows the Goldbergs family, as the youngest member of this very dysfunctional family tells the viewers what it was like growing up in a family with an overly protective mother, rebellious older sister, eccentric brother, and a hot-tempered father. 

Wrapping it Up 

Sitcoms are a great way to escape everyday hectic routines. And when it comes to sitcoms that tell stories of dysfunctional families, then it really tops the charts. If you have been looking for some of the incredible family-centered shows, then check out the ones we have mentioned in this article and watch them on your next binge session. 

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