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Do you want to know about the Apple Store accident? Are you eager to know about the conditions of victims? If so, read this article till the end. People in the United States want to know about this accident. They are interested to know many important details related to the accident.

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Details of the Accident

An SUV crashed into an Apple store, after which one person died, and 19 people were injured. The Accident took place in Hingham. Those who got injured have been in the hospital with multiple injuries. Some of them also got an injury that threatened their limbs. An investigation has been carried out against the driver of the Toyota 4Runner. The District Attorney stated that the driver was with police officers. But he was not hospitalized after the crash. The driver’s age is 53, and he is from Massachusetts. Hingham Apple Store Crash has been the main topic of discussion. 

About the Victims

The person who died was a 65-year-old man. His name was Kevin Bradley of New Jersey. Bradley was involved in the recent construction at the store. 19 people were found injured outside and inside the store. The police rushed the injured people to the hospitals. Some of the other patients were pinned against the wall of the store. The victims were taken to the hospitals with the help of dozens of ambulances. The victims were taken to South Shore Hospital. The other two were taken to Boston hospitals.

Apple Store Hingham Accident Today

Injured people have got an injury in different ways. Some of these patients got injuries ranging from serious head trauma to lower serious trauma. Dr. William Tollefsen stated that they had patients having confounding factors and chronic illnesses that made things critical. The hospital staff has been trying their best to recover the patients. The video shows multiple people on stretchers. Jason Stott witnessed the event. Almost ten ambulances were being parked along with fire engines and vehicles of police. Jason thought that since the parking lot was busy, he was assuming that there were many people in the store.

Hingham Apple Store Crash Driver has been under police custody. The car traveled back to the store. Some of the witnesses heard the smashing of a lot of glass. The sound was scary as no one had any idea about the sound. Someone saw the car at the back of the store, and it seemed there were a few people. It seemed that people were trapped in the car. 

About the Apple Store

Kathleen Leombruno’s brother was the manager of the Apple Store. Kathleen came to the spot even though her brother was not injured in Apple Store Hingham Accident TodayLeombruno expressed that she was thankful to god as her brother was safe in the incident. She felt sad for those who got injured. Even one person died due to the Accident. An Apple spokesperson said that the news of the Accident was devastating. They became worried about the victims. They expressed condolence to the person who died, and they were sad for those who were injured. The accident was very sorrowful that took place at Apple Derby Street. The family members of the victims are going through a tough time.  

How did the Accident Happen?

According to a video from Sky 5, Apple Store Hingham Accident Today occurred when an SUV hit the store, and a large hole was created in the glass outside the store. There were many people on the ground outside of the store. The police have investigated to get all the details related to the Accident.

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The store opened at 10.00 am, and the Accident happened an hour after opening. Many people said that it was a very cold morning. Everyone should be careful while driving a car. To know more, please visit the Twitter link.

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Apple Store Hingham Accident Today-FAQs

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Q2. How old was the driver of the SUV?


Q3. How old were the man who died?


Q4. Where did the accident take place?

Hingham, Massachusetts.

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