[Full Original Video] Alligator Attack Video Reddit: Has It Drags Woman into Water? Is It True? Reveal Truth Now!

Alligator Attack Video Reddit write-up has a link and update on the recent Florida raptor attack that killed an older woman.

Have you seen the recent videos of the Alligator attack that killed a woman in Florida? Are you searching for all videos related to his attack incident? The Wildlife Conservation Commission camera has captured the reptile attack incident and the video has gone viral on social media sites in the Philippines and the United States.

The Alligator attack and its capture video have attracted the attention of netizens in Australia and Canada. Alligator Attack Video Reddit  has given an updated report on the Florida raptor case and shared related links.

Disclaimer: The article is based on internet research and is for the audience’s information.

FWC Video Captured Moment before Raptor Attack:

The Wildlife camera has captured the moment that occurred before the Alligator attack. The clip shows 85-year-old Gloria Serge looking in another direction when a raptor approaches her dog. The raptor lunged at them as Serge left the shore and moved to the ground.

The viral video stops at the lunge as the other part of the video is inappropriate for public viewing. The audio of the 911 call has also gone viral. 

Alligator Drags Woman into Water:

The audio of a desperate call to 911 has also gone viral on social media sites in the United Kingdom. The video clip circulating on mainstream media shows the raptor’s plunge towards Gloria Serge and her dog. It continues with the audio of the conversation between caller Carol Thomas, 77 and FWC officials.

Carol kept updating the FWC team about the incident and tried to help Serge by getting a pole in her hand. As the Wildlife team inquired about the older woman, Carol replied that a huge raptor was taking her down.

She tried to help Serge, but Alligator Drags Woman into Water as it was too fast for Carol Thomas. The dispatcher asked the caller, “is the woman on the surface” to which Carol responded by saying, “No, it has taken her down”.

Carol Thomas 77 Take on the Raptor Attack:

The raptor attack incident was a horrible experience for the rescue team caller Carol Thomas. She said it was devastating for me, her family and other retirement community members in Fort Pierce. 

According to Thomas, the raptor kept Serge for almost eight minutes down the Lake, and later her body was seen floating on the pond’s surface with blood marks.

Alligator Attack Video Reddit on FWC Team Response:

Alligator Attack Video Reddit on FWC Team Response

The FWC team reached the attack spot and recovered the older woman’s body from the Lake. The officials declared the older woman died due to fatal injuries and set up an investigation into the Alligator attack incident. Robert Lilly, an Alligator trapper, said it was quite a fight to capture the predator as he stayed down the whole time.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The FWC team has warned people of Florida to maintain their distance from the raptor and call the officials at 866-392-4286 in case they spot the reptile. 

Can raptor attacks be prevented in future? Please comment.

Alligator Attack Video Reddit: FAQs

Q.1 Is the full video of the raptor attack available on the internet?

Most sites show raptor attack videos until the alligator lunges at the older woman. 

Q.2 Did Gloria Serge’s pet dog die in the Alligator attack?

No, Serge’s pet dog survived the raptor attack.

Q.3 How long was the raptor that attacked Gloria Serge?

The raptor that attacked Sege was 11 feet long and weighed 700 pounds.

Q.4 How many people have died of a raptor attack in Florida since July 2022?

Three people have died from a raptor attack in Florida since July 2022.

Q.5 Is the Alligator Attack Video Reddit available on the Instagram platform?

No, the alligator attack video is not available on the Instagram platform.

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