Mario Dandy Satrio Ig: Check Full Information On Mario Dandi Satrio Instagram Account

The post describes the brutal act by Mario Dandy Satrio IG to a 17-year-old boy. Read the full article to know the exact matter.

Do you know Mario Dandy Satrio? Have you seen his viral video? Mario Dandy is accused of hitting a 17-year-old boy. The video of the hitting is going viral on various social media accounts and people are showing rage toward Mario. The incident happened in Indonesia but the news has spread all over the world. In this article, you will learn all the details about the incident.

So let’s begin this article on Mario Dandy Satrio IG.

Mario Dandy Instagram 

As per sources, Mario Dandy Satrio is accused of brutally hitting a 17-year-old boy David. Mario is the son of a tax official in Jakarta. David is the son of a GP Ancor officer. The video of the hitting was recorded and spread on IG. The video of the hitting is viral on various platforms as Mario is hitting David in a very cruel manner.  

Disclaimer: The article tells about a brutal and inhuman incident that happened with a 17-year-old boy. We do not support physical assault as well as inhuman hiting. The information mentioned in this article is obtained from online trusted sources and is published to inform the readers about the incident.

The Instagram account Mario Dandy is found where the pictures with his girlfriend are posted. We can not claim that the account is original or fake as the pictures are posted a few hours back. You can search Mario Dandi Satrio Instagram account with his name and see the pictures.

Why did Mario Dandy hit David? 

Mario Dandy has hitten a 17-year-old boy with utmost cruelty. As per sources, the incident happened because Mario Dandy’s girlfriend accused David of assaulting her physically. As per sources, Mario’s girlfriend Agnes Gracia Haryanto was the ex-girlfriend of David. When Agnes told Mario about the physical assault by David then he was heated and planned to hit him. 

Furthermore, Agnes Gracia called David to meet him and made the excuse of returning the student card to him. Then, Mario and Agnes reached to place where David came and Mario started hitting him.

Mario Dandy Satrio IG 

The video was viral on IG(instagram), Twitter, and other social platforms. An Instagram account of Mario and Agnes is found but the account seems fake as the pictures are uploaded a few hours back. The video of the hitting is viral on all the platforms. People are showing anger towards Mario and his girlfriend as he was hitting David in a very cruel manner. 

Agnes captured the incident for whatever reason. David, the victim is hospitalized and in a coma. The video shows that Mario has kicked David in his head several times. David couldn’t do anything but was lying on the ground as seen in the Mario Dandy Satrio IG video.

In a nutshell

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Mario Dandy Satrio IG: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Mario Dandy Satrio?

Ans. Mario Dandy Satrio is the son of a Tax official who is accused of hitting a. 17-year-old boy brutally.

Q2. Why did Mario Dandy hiten David?

Ans. Mario Dandy had hitten David as Mario’s girlfriend told him that David had assaulted her physically.

Q3. Who is the girlfriend of Mario Dandy Satrio?

Ans. The girlfriend of Mario Dandy Satrio is Agnes Gracia Haryanto. She is 15 years old. 

Q4. Do Mario Dandy has an Instagram account?

Ans. We searched on Instagram and found a Mario Dandy Satrio IG account but we couldn’t identify if the account is real or fake.

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