[Updated] Alfaoyun .com: Check Features And Legitimacy Details Of Alfa Oyun.com

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Are you looking to install popular Android games from Google Play Store in Türkiye? But, due to regional policies, most of the popular games are restricted for importing in Turkestan. So, are you looking for a website giving access to such games unlisted on Google Play Store in Turkey? 

Did you browse Alfaoyun.com, allowing importing restricted games? But is Alfaoyun.com a legitimate website? Let’s scrutinize Alfaoyun .com to check its authenticity.

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About Alfaoyun.com:

Alfaoyun.com is a platform hosting links to import 128 Android games. Alfaoyun’s mission is to provide freely available games on Google Play Store. It includes several games restricted for import in Turkiye but available in other regions for free. Alfaoyun excludes third-party MoDs. 

Several users create a GMail account in Turkey and change their country to access Google Play Store available in other regions. Therefore, Alfaoyun is useful if the user is interested in top Android games permitted in other central Asian and Maghreb countries such as Egypt, Africa, Etc., but not in Turkey. 

Alfa Oyun.com does not hosts game files. Instead, it redirects the users to the cloud.mail.ru website. Cloud.mail.ru website hosts the .APK files and lets users directly import the games. Alfaoyun.com includes:

  • 10 FUN GAMES,
  • 39 SPORTS GAMES, and
  • 1 Table Game.

Is Alfaoyun.com legitimate?

Alfaoyun.com was registered in Tempe, AZ, USA, nine months and seven days ago on 8th/September/2022. Alfaoyun.com has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within 2-months and 25-days on 8th/September/2023.

Alfaoyun.com gained terrible 17%↓ trust, 23%↑ spam and threat, 7%↓ malware, 6%↓ suspicion, 5%↓ phishing, 4/100↓ Domain Authority, and zero↓ Alexa rankings. Alfaoyun.com gained an average 58.9%↑ business score. 

Alfaoyun .com IP has a Low-Domain Validated Certificate (DV SSL) for the next 51-days. Alfaoyun.com uses a secured HTTPS protocol, and the website is not blacklisted.

Alfaoyun.com uses two servers located in a high-risk country, TR. The server serial number 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a targets ns1.alfaoyun.com(IP and ns2.alfaoyun.com(IP

Alfaoyun.com uses the services of Vodafone Net Iletisim Hizmetleri Anonim Sirketi, TR, as its ISP and the website is registered with GoDaddy.com LLC.

Features of Alfaoyun.com:

Alfaoyun.com excluded terms of usage, privacy policy, customer service contact information, FAQ, newsletters, and other details of customer importance. The identity and contact details of Alfaoyun .com owners were censored using paid privacy services of godaddy.com. 

Customer reviews:

Alfaoyun.com does not support customer reviews. No user reviews, and ratings were present for Alfaoyun on customer review websites, social media, or elsewhere on the internet. Six website reviews about Alfaoyun.com had mixed feedback and scores.

Social media links:

  • Social media links for FB/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn included on Alfaoyun.com redirect users to the website’s home page.
  • Alfaoyun.com is present on Facebook and LinkedIn with four subscribers. 
  • There were no posts on its Facebook pages yet, but LinkedIn had one post for importing games. 
  • LinkedIn included a link to Alfaoyun .com blog. 
  • The Alfaoyun blog included information about 9+ games and 4+ video posts.
  • Blog
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


Alfaoyun.com provides links only for legal games licensed on Google Play Store. However, several games are restricted in Turkey. Google Play Store did not authorize or endorse Alfaoyun.com to provide such games in Turkey. Further, Alfaoyun.com gained terrible trust, spam, threat, DA, and Alexa scores. Hence, Alfaoyun.com is possibly a scam and not recommended. Click here to know more about Trust Index.

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Alfaoyun .com – FAQ

Q1. Does Alfaoyun.com includes Android applications or games for other OS?


Q2. How much is the speed of Alfaoyun.com?

A 64% D-performance grade with a 1.74 seconds load time.

Q3. How much is the visitor count for Alfaoyun.com?

Zero visitors/month.

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