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Tess Antonio never disclosed her personal affairs publicly. So to know about Tess Antonio Husband, go through the below-mentioned detail in the article.

Are you familiar with Tess Antonio? Why is she being noticed, and why are people interested in her life? Tess Antonio is a well-known female actor from the Philippines who has received praise for her superb performances in theatre, film, and television. 

Now she is the topic of discussion in the United Arab Emirates and Canada due to her personal life; on the internet, Tess Antonio Husband is a topic that fans frequently search for. The following topic will examine the famous actress’s entire personal history.

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Disclaimer-we are not endorsing any celebrity. However, the information in this article was only pulled from the internet for learning reasons.

Who is the Husband of Tess Antonio?

Tess Antonio may be a single person, based on our information. Tess Antonio’s previous relationships are not listed anywhere on the internet. However, internet users are always looking at whether she is single or married. However, Tess Antonio’s relationship status and her Partner’s identity remain a mystery.

What about the Child of Tess Antonio?

We are unsure about her marital status, so there is no record of her children. On the internet, we did not get any details about her child. However, in our research on Facebook, we found a picture of kids with an actress. The kids’ names are Maria, Leonora, Teresa and Marco.

She maintains a Tess Antonio user account on Facebook with 8.4k fans. She frequently uploads entertaining movie clips to her social media profile. In her final post, published on March 25, 2022, she included a clip that lasted 9.39 minutes and the hashtag #WishKoLangNinang.

What is the Age of Tess Antonio?

Users are always interested in her appearance because she is the most beautiful female actor. Many users continuously follow her on the internet. Due to her beautiful appearance, viewers are constantly searching for her age. She is a 44-year-old female actor who is very popular. She showed dedication to using her talent and ability to give personalities in films and television series. 

Moreover, she does not reveal any details about her Partner and family. She is on the list of top actresses and holds a 42,266 ranking among celebrities. But her fans always become excited to know about her personal affairs.

Does she post any details about her life on Instagram?

Despite being active on social media, she kept her love life a secret. She has posted 890 times on Instagram as of right now. She frequently posts pictures of her trips with her friends and relatives. 

Biography of Tess Antonio-

She is always active on social media with her acting skills. She always posted videos; we got her last Facebook post on December 25, 2022. The actress got recognition for her role in the film Kokey released in 21017. After that, she worked in many films and got successful in her career with fame and wealth. Her acting and skills caught the audience’s attention, and she got a position as a top Filipino actress.

Wikipedia of Tess Antonio-

Full Name Tess Antonio
Date of birth November 11, 1978
Place of birth Quezon City, Philippines. 
School Immaculate Heart of Mary College 
University The University of the Philippines Diliman 
Marital status Undisclosed
Profession Actress

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Tess Antonio is a famous Filipino female actor, theatre artist and top celebrity of the nation that is being discussed in other countries because of her personal affairs.

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Tess Antonio Husband-FAQs-

Q.1 What about Tess Antonio’s love life?

Ans- Not disclosed.

Q.2 From where Tess Antonio belongs?

Ans- Philippines.

Q.3 Does Tess Antonio have kids?

Ans- Not found.

Q.4 What is Tess Antonio net worth?

Ans- Around 1 million dollars.

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