[Full Original Video] 5v1 Original Video Girl: Is The Girl Fight Scandal Video Viral on TikTok? Reveal Facts From Twitter Latest Update!

The article highlights the important points related to 5v1 Original Video Girl and gives complete information about what is present in the viral video.

Have you heard of the 5v1 girl? Have you watched the video which is going viral on the internet? People Worldwide are talking about the west point video and are interested in more details about the fight. 

If you want to know about 5v1 Original Video Girlthis article is for you. Keep reading the post to know the details of the viral fight video.

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What is present in the 5v1 Original video?

The video shows the occurrence of a fight between 5 girls that happened in Phoenix, Arizona, at West Point High School. One of the girls, the 5v1 girl, is also present in the video, and the fight became viral online. The video shows the fight between 5 girls and the 5v1 girl, and the reports suggest that this girl winked and smiled at those five girls when they were bleeding.  

5v1 Fight TikTok Girl Twitter news

The video became viral on the net, and some of them even shared the video on Twitter; from there, it became available to various people who had no idea about the incident. The video was first shared in an Instagram story by one of the users, and later, it was uploaded by another user. 

Updates on the 5v1 Girl Viral Scandal

The video became the talk of the town, and people started talking about the video. As soon as the video was uploaded, within no time, we saw the video gaining more attention just in a day. People also criticized the girl for becoming so angry and aggressive.

One of the girls got seriously injured due to the fight, and even after getting hurt, the fight did not stop, and some of the teachers had to come and stop the fight. The video also became viral on tiktok, receiving the maximum number of views from that platform.

Details of 5v1 girl

We have not got any detailed information about the 5v1 girl. In the video, we can see her fighting with her classmates with an injury. The reason behind the 5v1 Girl Viral Scandal

 is also unknown, and as soon as we get some leads on the occurrence of the incident, we will let the readers know through our Post. The video reached over 100 million views on social media platforms.

Social media links


The fight of the 5v1 girl gained maximum attention from people all across the globe, and they are interested to know more details about the video. People were not happy with the behavior, and they condemned the incident. Those interested in watching the fight video can visit various social media platforms

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5v1 Original Video Girl-FAQs

Q1. Who is the 5v1 girl in the video?

The details of the girl are unknown.

Q2. How many girls were present in the fight?

Five girls were her classmates.

Q3. Where did the fight happen?

The fight happened in Arizona’s West Point High School.

Q4. What is the other name of the 5v1 girl?

She is famous as @ima_butterfly.

Q5. Who all came to stop the fight?

Some female and male teachers intervened to stop the fight.

Q6. Is the viral video present on online websites?


Q7. What is the people’s reaction to the video?

They are furious over the aggressiveness of the girls.

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