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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Luchitoapk .com to know its offering and availability of Waifu games.

The term Waifu in Swahili language refers to death. But, unlike word sounds, it has a different reference in Waifu games available on Luchitoapk.com. Luchitoapk.com is a third-party website popular in South Africa, Mexico, and India, as it allows Modified (MoD) applications and games to be imported freely. Do you know what the content of Waifu games is? Why are they extensively searched? Let’s check about Waifu on Luchitoapk .com.

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About Luchitoapk.com

Luchitoapk .com hosts more than 140 games and 40+ applications. Apps and games are available for Android platform only. Users are redirected to mediafire.com to import .APK files compressed in .ZIP folder. 

Todas Las Temporadas:

Disclaimer: We do not support/promote/encourage access to or any form of grownup content. Details given in this write-up are only for information purposes.

The most popular game is Waifu Todas Las Temporadas, updated on 9th/June/2023 and requires an Android platform with 4.4+ OS. Categorized as a casual game, it received 7,297 votes, 6,469 likes, 828 dislikes, and 88.7% popularity. Luchito Apk Waifu Game was available on Luchitoapk.com from 12th/February/2023 and had six seasons that must be imported individually.

The game featured story mode and college life. A college girl socializes with other students and featured social interaction, and NPCs interested in becoming actors. Gamer must interview or cast 32+ girls by judging them on skin colour, height, features, attractiveness, Etc., which involves undressing NPCs. Todas Las Temporadas includes a dice to select different girls. As game progresses, more girls and stands are unlocked. 

Game H lear T.Hear Waifu game available on Luchito Apk.com:

Game H Lear T.Hear is another game that gained 89.7% popularity. It was voted by 8,712, with 7,819 likes and 893 dislikes. Version 2.0 was updated on 17th/May/2023 and was initially available on 6th/February/2023. It supports installation on Android 5.0+ OS. 

The game has a storyline where player is a Ninja but is hiding his identity. The Ninja is a student of Mizaki School, featuring many cute girls. Player has to join a secret Ninja search club at school to find other Ninja girls. Game was imported over 32 million from Luchitoapk .com and is preferred by gamers interested in anime, manga, and romantic games.

Game H lear T.Hear is tagged as – For Men. Ninja comes in contact with several girls and can reveal his identity to his favourite girl. Game featured beautiful Japanese anime-styled outfits. Installation file is 53.41 MB in size.

Juego H La Princesa:

Juego H La Princesa gained 54.3% popularity, 368 votes, 200 likes, and 168 dislikes. Version 3.2a was updated on 28th/March/2023 and required Android 4.4+ OS. Game featured several female characters. Gamers can choose characters he likes and check what other gamers think about her. 

Luchitoapk .com Juego H La Princesa also featured Husbando Mode, where gamer can view pity male characters and assign them desirable jobs in service of female characters. Installation file is 254.30 MB in size.

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Luchitoapk.com does not include installation packages. Instead, it only provides links to import apps and games. Luchitoapk.com is accessed because it provides access to apps and games unavailable on Google Play Store due to age restrictions. Gamers looking for 18+ years of grownup apps and games prefer Luchitoapk.com. Luchitoapk.com seems illegitimate as Google did not authorize or endorse it. 

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Luchitoapk .com – FAQ

Q1. How much are the scores of Luchitoapk.com?

Luchitoapk .com has 77% trust, 47.6% business, and 32% suspicion scores.

Q2. How many Waifu games are available on Luchitoapk .com?

There are three Waifu games found on Luchitoapk.com.

Q3. Did Google Play Store featured any Waifu games?

Waifu vs. Kaifu is only game without age restriction on Google Play Store featuring fights with dragons. 

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