Zarina Anjoulie Telegram: Why Her Video Circulating on Twitter? Reveal Truth Now!

Today’s topic about Zarina Anjoulie Telegram reveals a few facts and information recently spread about a model, actress, and entrepreneur.

Did Zarina post a conversation with celebrities? What is the conversation about? While there was a dispute among entertainers from Malaysia regarding whether they required special help for their earnings impacted by the MCO or Movement Control Order enacted fifteen days earlier, the entertainment business briefly became contentious.

So, read this information to learn additional facts about Zarina Anjoulie Telegram.


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What does Zarina’s profile display?

According to reports, performer Zarina Anjoulie publicly chastised some famous people who demanded special assistance for performers while igniting a discussion among several other personalities. In recent times, through the actress Anak Pontianak, Zarina’s Instagram account has exposed the discussions of many superstars.

The Telegram app’s account is considered to have been specifically created for famous local people listed with SENIMAN.

Zarina Anjoulie Twitter:

The discussion, modified by Anjoulie, revealed artists Lydiawati, Anne Abdulah, and a few other personalities had said something that she considered attempting to embarrass Anjoulie. She has shared her video on Twitter where she talked about the celebrities and the PR Company hired.

Anjoulie also posted a few of her most recent content to Instagram, such as through her boyfriend’s profile, calling for Anne and many other concerned parties to apologize once she revealed it all openly.

Although it is believed that no apologies were given, Anjoulie simultaneously initiated a private Telegram channel for her fans, thought to feature a few genuine disclosures concerning a few personalities.

What are Zarina’s plans for celebrities?

Anjoulie plans to post a follow-up statement or a Zarina Anjoulie Video on her Twitter account. Following lawsuit threats from some individuals, Anjoulie hired crisis communications and public relations Company to safeguard her reputation.

Anjoulie selected his company, according to Saiful Ridzuan, CEO of Shah Alam’s Saiful Ridzuan Public Relations and Communications.

Why is Zarina Anjoulie Viral?

Anjoulie is viral for the video clip where she expressed her opinion that the government or the authorities must prioritize helping regular citizens at this crucial moment.

Following several recent instances of defamation from the messaging application, Anjoulie has hired the famous crisis communications and public relations company to assist her with the subsequent stage.

The personalities have threatened Anjoulie with legal proceedings, slandered her, and charged the businesswoman with spreading hate. Even so, Anjoulie fiercely refuted each of the unjustified charges.

How did Zarina Anjoulie Telegram react to the situation?

Zarina stated that she is a well-known businesswoman in this nation, and it has required her a long time to establish a strong name for herself. However, she said she would not keep quiet if a few careless people tried to ruin her image.

Also, she added that she was appreciative and wanted to express her gratitude to everyone who had helped her throughout this trying period for all Malaysian citizens.

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Zarina Anjoulie recently revealed a few celebrities and was in the news. This Malaysian actress and performer have made certain statements about celebrities that sparked the entertainment industry. 

You must watch Zarina Anjoulie’s details here.

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Zarina Anjoulie Telegram: FAQs

Q1. What is the full name of Zarina?

Zarina Anjoulie Lavocah

Q2. What is Zarina’s profession?

Zarina Anjoulie is a model, actress, and entrepreneur.

Q3. Whom did Zarina Anjoulie hire?

Zarina hired a crisis communications and public relations company.

Q4. Why did Zarina hire a PR company?

She wants the company to assist her with the subsequent claims.

Q5. Which social media site has Zarina’s channel?


Q6. Which artists did Zarina reveal?

Lydiawati, Anne Abdulah, and many other artists

Q7. Who is the CEO of the PR Company Zarina hired?

Saiful Ridzuan

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