Tips for Styling Medium Length Haircuts

If you have thick hair, you know that it can often be a bit of a challenge to style. One of the best ways to rock your thicker tresses is with medium length haircuts. Mid-length styles help take off some of the weight of thicker hair.

Check out some tips for hairstyle experts on the best way to care for your medium length haircuts. As well we have included photos of some of the hottest looks for shoulder-length hair.

How to Care for Medium Length Haircuts

1. Consider long layers to help remove some of the weight 

Ask your hairstylist to add some long layers. Layers are a great way to remove some of the hair that weighs down your hairstyle. In fact, medium length hairstyles are the perfect way to rock long layers. Long layers are especially ideal for those with curly or wavy locks. The longer your hair is, the more weight it has, and this takes away from the definition of those curly tresses. Additionally, layers help add texture, volume, and movement to shoulder-length hairstyles.

2. Consider medium length haircuts with an undercut

Undercut hairstyles are very trendy right now. This edgy mid-length hairstyle will help remove some of the weight and will allow your hair to look sleek and smooth. As well, undercuts look great with updos or half updos. To make the look even bold, you can opt for a hair tattoo with your edgy undercut. 

3. Use a serum designed for thick hair

A quality hair serum specifically formulated for thicker tresses will give your hair a soft, glossy sheen. As well, serums aid in helping tame flyaways and frizz. Additionally, your hair will have added protection from sun and heat damage. And as a bonus, a good hair serum will help prevent medium length hairstyles from tangles.

4. Get a trim every six to eight weeks

Medium length haircuts do need to be trimmed to maintain their style. Those with thick hair should have their hair trimmed once every two months to get rid of dead ends. If you have curly tresses, trimming your hair will add new life to your tresses.

5. Use a paddle brush to keep your hair shiny

Using the right hairbrush is imperative for healthy hair. Different hair brush types are used for different textures. A boar bristle paddle brush is ideal for thick hair as it allows your hair’s natural oil to be evenly distributed, which keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Additionally, boar bristle brushes work to prevent static and frizz. 

Bonus tip: Use your paddle brush in the shower to help prevent tangles and split ends.

6. Don’t over-shampoo your hair

Shampooing your hair too much will deplete the natural oils in your hair and cause it to become dry and brittle. Only wash your hair once or twice a week. 

Bonus tip: If you use dry shampoo, dry sprays will damage your hair, so opt for dry foam shampoo between washings.

7. Hydrate your thick tresses

While washing your hair too often can dry it out your hair, it is also important to keep it hydrated. Use a good leave-in conditioner to keep your tresses hydrated between washings.

8. Rock the half-updo

One of the best ways to rock medium length haircuts is to style your thick locks into a half-updo. This is a great way to remove some of the weight while sporting a fun and trendy hairstyle. Try a messy bun, braided half-up, and many more to rock your mid-length tresses.

9. When in doubt, accessorize!

A pro for medium length haircuts is that you can dress them up with cute and stylish hair accessories. From clips to headscarves to barrets and even hats, there are countless options for trendy hair accessories.

Now that you know some of the best tips for self-care for mid-length hair, check out some of the hottest medium length haircuts.

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