[Updated] Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video: Find The Link of Clip Viral Video On Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram

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With the invention of mobile cameras, more evil seems to have spread in society. Though mobiles are used to connect with family and friends and capture exciting movements, they are also used to shoot vulgar content. In 2018, there were 109,012,068,000 grown-up clips Worldwide on the internet; in 2022, the number is higher than expected.

A new dimension of revenge clips had added in recent years in this category. Let’s check how Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video got featured.

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About Zanele Sifuba’s leaked clip:

Zanele is a respectable woman and the Speaker of the Free State Provincial Legislature. Zanele was in a relationship with a young man some time back. He was her boyfriend and spent many days with Zanele having a physical relationship. 

During their relationship, a sensational video clip of Zanele was shot with a mobile camera with mutual understanding and concern. However, Zanele’s boyfriend recently demanded GH₵ 244,107. Zanele’s boyfriend shared a screenshot of the video with Zanele and blackmailed her into making the video viral if she did not pay him Ghanaian cedi.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage/demote any websites, social media platforms or watch any grown-up videos. The details in this article are for information purposes only.

Zanele Sifuba’s Clip Viral Link On Twitter:

Zanele declined to pay the money. Reacting to it, the unidentified boyfriend of Zanele spread the video on the internet. The video was extensively discussed on several knowledge-based websites, news channels, and YouTube from 9th-November-2022.

Further analysis of the video showed that on social media platforms, it was initially featured on Twitter and TikTok and later on Reddit and Telegram.

The @Africanhubleaks telegram group invited internet users to subscribe to their channel to view the video. Fortunately, due to the high profile of Zanele, only appropriate picture-in-video were included on social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Telegram.

Currently, only the censored video of Zanele is available on the internet, except for a few clips that were already imported by users initially and a few clips updated on illegitimate websites.

What was the aim of sharing Zanele’s video?

We understand that Zanele’s boyfriend sharing the video, aimed to spoil her name as an eminent politician and an educator.

Zanele started her career as a teacher in 1999. She grew in her profession, and in 2019, she became a deputy director at the Department of Social Development. She was a leader in the South African Democratic Teachers Union. But Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video has spoiled her image. She was also a deputy provincial chairperson of COSATU.

In the party’s President Steyn region, Zanele was appointed deputy secretary of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1995. In ANC, Zanele is working as a member of the subcommittee on economic development and gender and equality.

In March-2019, Zanele won 19 seats in the Free State Provincial Legislature. After the election results, she was sworn in as a speaker and MPL on 22nd-May-2019.

Zanele’s leaked video has brought her shame as a member of the ANC, Speaker, and educator. To avoid this situation, Zanele’s boyfriend was blackmailing her, discussed on Reddit knowledge-based and news groups without sharing the video.

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The leadership demonstrated by Zanele suggests that she is respectable and may never have imagined her boyfriend to blackmail her for money. African National Congress Women’s League has requested the public to stop sharing Zanele’s video. Zanele had already filed a case against her ex-boyfriend on charges of blackmailing and making her private video viral.

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We do not encourage/demote any websites, social media platforms or watch any grown-up videos. The details in this article are for information purposes only.

Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video – FAQ

1Q. What is the full name of Zanele Sifuba?

Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba

2Q. How many children does Zanele has?

Zanele has three daughters.

3Q. Who is Zanele’s husband?

The identity of Zanele’s husband is censored.

4Q. What is the Nationality of Zanele?

Zanele holds South African nationality.

5Q. Who was Zanele’s boyfriend?

The identity of Zanele’s boyfriend is censored. It is only revealed that he is a Nigerian.

6Q. What is the request made by the African National Congress Women’s League?

The African National Congress Women’s League requested people of South Africa stop sharing the leaked video of Zanele. 

7Q. Was Zanele’s boyfriend arrested for Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video?

There was no update regarding Zanele’s boyfriend’s arrest.

8Q. How much is Zanele’s net worth?

Approximately US$450K.

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