[Updated] Yesha and Roche Story: Check The Viral Video Details Now!

This write-up is about Yesha and Roche Story to help readers understand the two social media influencers and their reason for being popular.

Is the story of Yesha and Roche most talked about? Why are Roche and Yesha in the news? Their viral video clips are largely circulating on many social media networks. Roche and Yesha’s story is currently among the most recent viral stories on many social networks. 

The viral video clip of Roche and Yesha gained much attention from many online readers across the Philippines and many other global places. It resulted in a stir, and people discussed their story and Yesha’s activity with Roche. Let us check all about Yesha and Roche Story in this article.

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What is the story of Roche and Yesha?

The well-recognized TikToker, Yesha, consistently posts her images and footage, whether in the dance form or lip-syncing. Yesha is extremely popular among her large fan following since she attracts her fan base through enticing activities. Roche is also a social media influencer and is gaining popularity.

Their recent footage together has made them popular on many social networks since they were discussing when engaged in an illicit activity. However, the footage of Roche and Yesha that gained traction is currently unavailable.

Is the story of Yesha and Roche Viral Video accessible on the web?

Many individuals are still discussing Yesha and Roche and whether their relationship is still strong. Their footage resulted in online controversy since some users objected while others wanted to view the covered footage. 

Also, the footage of Roche and Yesha was previously taken down from Facebook; but was available on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites. But currently, it is not accessible anywhere, including Twitter, Reddit, etc. It was taken down because of the controversy it created and the hype the unnecessary Yesha and Roche Story was gaining.

The reason behind Yesha’s popularity:

Yesha’s popularity is due to her MyDay captioned images on her Facebook profile. Her MyDay caption is also called the Mayday clip that gained traction from many online users. The Facebook page Yesha with her account name @Yesha has thousands of followers.

Yesha often posts her images and footage with captions when releasing them on social networks, most with “ViewMyDay.”

Her clips usually confuse online users even if they are highly liked. Therefore, social media networks are flooded with a story associated with Roche and Yesha to learn about what happened between them that was captured in the viral story of these two social media influencers. Besides, Yesha and Roche Viral Video fame increased after it circulated on social networks.

Are Roche and Yesha’s captured video clips helpful?

Roche and Yesha’s video content will not help anyone, and online readers are keen to know whether their video content is available online. Although Yesha keeps posting enticing content such as video clips, captioned images, etc., Roche also influences people with online content.

But, their popular video has been removed from almost every social media site. Therefore, searching for Yesha and Roche Story and viral videos will not help anyone. Yet, you may watch a few of Yesha’s online content on her social media account.

Yesha’s Quick Wiki:

  • Real name- Not available
  • Stage name- Yesha
  • Facebook profile address- @yesha 
  • Date of birth- not known

Social media links:

Since Roche and Yesha’s video has been taken down, we cannot provide the links. However, you may watch Yesha’s profile through the link mentioned below.



The well-famed TikToker, Yesha, was recently in the news. The viral video clip of Yesha featured Roche. The footage’s content was explicit, which is why its popularity was largely sought. Because of the illicit nature, their footage was looked for.

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Yesha and Roche Story: FAQs

Q1. Who are Roche and Yesha?

Roche and Yesha are popular online influencers.

Q2. Were Roched and Yesha the most talked about?

Roched and Yesha were talked about due to the viral video content.

Q4. Can you view Yesha and Roched’s viral video content?

The viral video content of Roched and Yesha is not available online.

Q5. Is Yesha a well-known personality?

Yesha is a well-known TikToker and social media personality who keeps posting attractive online video content and images.

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