Is Autumn Gene com Scam or Legit {April 2023} Read Reviews!

The below article helps you determine Is Autumn Gene com Scam or Legit by going through all the information and reviews from existing customers.

Do you appreciate purchasing stylish, cozy clothing? Are you looking online for a nearby store? Do you also want to purchase some Accessories? If you answered “yes,” you are in the proper place. A reliable website has the most elegant dresses for sale. 

The webpage is titled Autumn-Gene. Consumers in the United States became curious due to this website’s dependability. For further information, see Is Autumn Gene com Scam or Legit?


Exactly how Reputable Is This Online Shop? Review the details, please!

  • Date of domain registration: April 22, 2023.
  • Domain expiry date:- April 22, 2024.
  • The HTTP protocol cannot be accessed to protect user data.
  • The website is not present on any social media site.
  • Scam pages are unable to recognize the online store.
  • There are no customer product reviews accessible on the official site.
  • The website received a grade of 2.5% out of 100.
  • The Alexa ranking for this website is not very high.
  • The popularity of the website is average.
  • The vicinity of dubious websites receives 78 out of 100 ratings.
  • The threat profile obtained a score of 0.
  • Phishing Score: 0 out of 100.
  • Malware Score: 0 out of 100.
  • The fraud was graded a dismal 1/100.

Autumn Gene com Reviews and information regarding the online store Autumn Gene.

Autumn Gene is an online store that sells high-quality products. Branded clothes are sold in this store. Autumn Gene is the largest and most complete online retailer of women’s apparel and accessories in the country. One of the most popular categories is dresses, followed by accessories, lingerie, and other clothes. 

For its customers, this business’s first objective is to provide the greatest clothing at reasonable costs. Even though everything appears to be in order, one should double-check the accuracy of the facts before putting their faith in this store.

Information Regarding This Trustworthy Online Store

  • The address of the website is
  • is the email address.
  • The official website does not list the phone number.
  • The registered name of the business is similarly unavailable.
  • The physical address is likewise not visible on the official website.
  • Is Autumn Gene com Scam or Legit? Because so much information is lacking, this website is bogus.
  • The official website offers free delivery on all orders but does not estimate shipping time.
  • This gateway doesn’t specify its return policy.
  • The cancellation rule only applies to orders cancelled before shipping; orders rejected after delivery aren’t eligible for a refund.
  • This store accepts PayPal, JCB, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, Visa, Mastercard, and Credit Cards.

Advantages of This Store

  • The company sells only the finest apparel.
  • Customer chat support is available around-the-clock.
  • There are a variety of payment options, and delivery is free.
  • Every product is sold at a substantial discount.

Issues with This Store

  • The official website doesn’t have Autumn Gene com Reviews.
  • The delivery time is not mentioned.
  • No information is provided about the owner.
  • There is no social media presence for the website.

Review the Dress Portal customer reviews.

User reviews can be used to evaluate the dependability of a website. In cases where there is no customer feedback, a caution indicator appears. 

Additionally, it cannot be accessed through social media platforms, and the contact details are unavailable on the official website. Therefore, it is advisable to investigate the PayPal scam this business committed.


This online store is invalid due to the absence of Autumn Gene com Reviews. Several items, like the owner’s contact information and delivery schedules, are missing. Furthermore, there are no social media connections on this page. 

Therefore, you should investigate the credit card fraud this store has perpetrated. We suggest that our users get JumpSuits from a reputable merchant

How do you feel about this store? Do you believe it to be a con? Briefly describe your point of view.

Is Autumn Gene com Scam or Legit: FAQs

Q1. Does this shop provide cash on delivery?


Q2. Could you confirm the delivery status of your order?

The tracking ID allows you to track the order quickly.

Q3. Does this website’s shipping cost anything?

Not mentioned on the site.

Q4. Whom should a customer contact about a product return?

Contact by email.

Q5. How long will it take to ship to the United States?

The shop is restricted to operating in India only.

Q7. Can a customer place an order for goods over the phone?


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