Write For Us Yoga – Explore Full Guidelines Here

Please familiarize yourself with Opensquares’s goals, target audience, tone, etc., to tailor your Write For Us Yoga write-ups!

Your unique perspectives contribute to collective wisdom, offering diverse viewpoints to a discerning audience. Your expertise as a Blogger on Yoga-related topics can enrich this platform, providing a valuable resource for those passionate about Yoga.

If you are a Yoga Instructor, you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Yoga write-ups.

About Opensquares.org:

Contribute your specialized knowledge and be part of Opensquares’s community dedicated to fostering understanding and growth in realm of Yoga. Share your insights to inspire and educate on Opensquares committed to excellence in Yoga-related content.

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  • Bloggers must be adept at conducting in-depth research on various Yoga-related subjects.
  • Bloggers should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of Yoga-related topics.
  • Bloggers should have a profound insight into our audience’s interests and preferences within realm of Yoga.
  • Exceptional written communication skills are a prerequisite for Bloggers in this domain. 


  • While formal certification in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is not obligatory for Bloggers, a Yoga Write for Us demonstrating knowledge and Blogger’s skill through well-written documents is expected.
  • Preference is given to Bloggers with prior professional experience in Yoga.
  • Proficiency in creating website content, write-ups, blogs, or articles is a fundamental requirement for Bloggers in this role.

General guidelines:

  • Prioritize safety in Yoga by stressing warm-ups, proper alignment, and recognizing personal limits.
  • Stress proper alignment’s crucial role in preventing injuries.
  • Provide valuable links to relevant resources—books, magazines, online tutorials, blogging forums.
  • Signify importance of breath awareness.
  • Delve into Yoga’s mind-body connection.
  • Introduce diverse yoga styles for readers’ exploration.
  • Describe beginner-friendly poses for newcomers.
  • “Write for Us” + Yoga post may touch on Yoga’s philosophical aspects. Example—Eight Limbs.
  • Highlight Yoga’s adaptability for all, irrespective of age or fitness level, including seniors and pregnant women.
  • Discuss holistic benefits—physical, and emotional.
  • Guide readers in finding qualified yoga teachers or studios.
  • Explain how yoga props, blocks, straps, blankets, etc., enhance and modify poses effectively.
  • Underline significance of relaxation in Yoga.
  • Infuse expert opinions and personal experiences.
  • Explore Yoga as a potent stress reduction tool, emphasizing its transformative impact.
  • Connect Yoga to mindful eating.
  • Encourage regular practice for long-term benefits rather than fixating on intense or advanced poses.
  • Proofread Yoga + “Write for Us” content thoroughly to eliminate typos and clarify potentially misleading sentences. 
  • Stress cultural sensitivity about Yoga’s origins and traditions.
  • Highlight yogic principle of non-harming.
  • Conclude with a call to action, inviting comments, feedback, and sharing write-up.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Ensure originality in Yoga write-ups, avoiding any content copied from other articles.
  • Assess write-ups for a high readability score to enhance reader comprehension.
  • Maintain grammatical accuracy, ensuring Yoga write-ups are free from errors.
  • Prioritize an active voice, with over 80% of content written in an engaging and dynamic manner.
  • Steer clear of redundancy and repetition of information or sentences in Yoga “Write for Us”.
  • Prohibit offensive language, information, or promotional links from being included in articles.
  • Utilize keywords appropriately and consistently to optimize search engine visibility in Yoga write-ups.

Content writing guidelines:

  • Provide accurate information, numeric figures, and facts in Yoga write-ups, excluding gossip or false details.
  • Focus emphasis of write-ups squarely on subject of Yoga.
  • Maintain on-topic content and refrain from deviating from central theme.
  • Include two backlinks, images with no copyright restrictions, and do-follow links in Yoga articles. Additionally, incorporate an introductory section, pros and cons, FAQs, headings, bullet points, subheads, and reference links to information sources.
  • Ensure unbiased conclusions in Write for Us + Yoga, summarizing all key points for fairness.
  • Set a minimum word count of 800, but avoid exceeding 1,500 words in Yoga write-ups.
  • Use an approachable tone to engage readers across diverse backgrounds.

Topics and Factors related to Yoga:

AcroYoga Basics/Aerial Yoga Benefits/Ashtanga Primary Series/Ayurveda and Yoga/Chair Yoga Benefits/Chakra Balancing/Hatha Yoga Benefits/Kundalini Awakening/Laughter Yoga Benefits/Meditation Tips/Mindful Breathing/Power Yoga Poses/Pranayama Techniques/Prenatal Yoga Poses/Restorative Yoga/Vinyasa Flow/Yin Yoga Poses/Yoga Alignment Tips/Acceptance/Aging Gracefully/Ayurvedic Diet/Creativity/Detoxification/Diabetes/Gratitude/Gratitude Practice/Healthy Eating/Mindfulness/Nature/Patience/Self-Care/Self-Discovery/Vegan Lifestyle/Yoga at Office/Allergies/Anxiety/Arthritis/Asthma Relief/Athletes/Back Pain/Balance/Beginners/Better Posture/Cardiovascular Health/Confidence/Core Strength/Creative Expression/Digestion/Digestive Disorders/Digestive Health/Emotional Balance/Emotional Healing/Energy/Eye Health/Flexibility/Focus/Gratitude/Headaches/Heart Opening/High Blood Pressure/Hormonal Balance/Immunity/Injury Recovery/Inner Peace/Intuition/Joint Health/Kids/Liver Health/Lower Back Pain/Menopause/Yoga Write for Us on Migraine Relief/Multiple Sclerosis/Neck Pain/Osteoporosis/Pelvic Floor Health/Plant-Based Living/Positive Psychology/Respiratory Health/Runners/Sciatica Relief/Self-Compassion/Self-Esteem/Seniors/Sleep/Social Connection/Spiritual Growth/Stress/Stress Management/Stronger Bones/Thyroid Health/Trauma Healing/Weight Loss/Wrist Pain/Yoga Nidra Benefits/Philosophy/Retreat Experiences/Sequencing, Etc.

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Crafting Yoga write-ups for opensquares.org amplifies expertise, building credibility within a targeted audience. Process cultivates a robust online presence, establishing author as a trusted source.

Submitting Yoga + “Write for Us” posts:

  • Submit write-ups to editor.opensquares@gmail.com for review or direct publication. 
  • For clarifications, email Opensquares.org’s editorial team.

Final thoughts:

Opensquares.org retains right to modify or remove parts of submissions. Approved Yoga write-ups can’t be submitted elsewhere. Our team contacts you before or within 24 hours of publication. Contributors can choose any Yoga-related topics.

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