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Please familiarize yourself with Opensquares’s target audience, tone, and goals to craft your Write For Us Cats articles.

Unlock the curiosity of cat enthusiasts by contributing your expertise to Opensquares.org. Readers crave in-depth insights on feline behavior, health, and care of Cats. Your unique perspective can enrich their understanding, offering practical tips and engaging narratives. 

If you are an animal behaviorist, zoologist, (or) ethnologist, you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Cats articles.

About Opensquares.org:

Join Opensquares.org, a notable source of Cats-related information inviting bloggers to contribute their articles to create a valuable resource for cat lovers worldwide. Contribute your Cats-related write-ups and be part of a community dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of our feline companions. We publish below content on our News and knowledge-based website:

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  • Writers need the capability for in-depth research on Cats-related subjects.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various Cats-related topics is essential.
  • A deep understanding of the audience’s Cats interests and preferences is crucial.
  • Outstanding written communication skills are a must.


  • Writers should demonstrate skills through producing well-written documents.
  • For crafting Write for Us + Cats posts, formal certification in Pet Sitting, Pet Grooming, Pet First Aid, Animal Science, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Behavior, Zoology (or) Ethology is not mandatory.
  • Writers with prior Cats professional experience are preferred.
  • Proficiency in crafting website content, articles, and blogs is required.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Cats articles must be original, not copied.
  • Maintain a high readability score.
  • Ensure grammatically error-free Cats articles.
  • Avoid passive voice; use an active voice in over 80% of articles.
  • Eliminate redundancy and repetitions in Cats articles.
  • Refrain from including offensive information (or) promotional links.
  • Use keywords appropriately for SEO.

General guidelines for Cats + “Write for Us” articles:

  • Discuss cat’s well-being with a balanced diet.
  • Address allergies and sensitivities.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership—encourage responsible breeding practices, shelter, (or) reputable breeder adoption.
  • Evaluate the indoor vs. outdoor living debate.
  • Decode cat behavior, covering body language, vocalizations, and common behavioral problems.
  • Master grooming tips for different cat breeds, covering brushing, nail trimming, and dental care.
  • Smoothly introduce cats to new environments, people, (or) pets.
  • Address population control and neutering.
  • Preparing for emergencies and assembling a cat-specific emergency kit.
  • Socialize kittens and young cats.
  • Preventing boredom with an enriching environment.
  • Cats Write for Us should conclude with a call to action—encourage readers to share experiences, feedback, and your articles.
  • Enhance your articles with expert opinions and personal experiences for a well-rounded perspective.
  • Combating common health issues in cats with preventive measures and vigilant signs.
  • Keeping feline friends healthy through regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive treatments.
  • Ensuring about cat’s safety with microchipping.
  • Enriching cat’s life with physiological and physically stimulating activities, for example—puzzle feeders.
  • Maintaining a pristine litter box, cleanliness, litter selection, and tackling aversions.
  • Tailor care for senior cats, adapting diet, veterinary care, and home environments for their changing needs.
  • Proofread Cats “Write for Us” articles for typos and misleading sentences.
  • About traveling stress-free with your cat, with advice on carriers, stress reduction, and accommodation choices.
  • Shopping the right food, toys, and accessories.
  • Provide links to relevant resources—books, social media, videos, etc.

Content Writing Guidelines:

  • Cats articles should provide accurate information, numeric figures, excluding gossip (or) false details.
  • Emphasize the Cats-related subject.
  • Stay on topic without deviation.
  • Include two FAQs, backlinks, headings, bullet points, subheads, copyright-free images, reference links, Do-followup links, an introductory section, pros and cons.
  • Maintain an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points.
  • Cats articles should be 800-1500 words.
  • Write for Us + Cats posts must use an approachable tone for diverse readers.
  • Proofread for typos and misleading sentences.
  • Provide links to relevant resources.

Topics and related Factors about Cats:

Breeds/Behavior/Health/Nutrition/Training/Kitten Care/Senior Cats/Grooming/Enrichment/Toys/Indoor Cats/Outdoor Cats/Litter/Scratching/Communication/Play/Sleep/Senses/Eyes/Ears/Teeth/Paws/Tail Language/Vocalizations/Body Language/Aggression/Anxiety/Stress/Socialization/Bonding/Adoption/Feral Cats/Stray Cats/Shelters/Foster Care/Vaccinations/Parasites/Allergies/First Aid/Emergency Preparedness/Insurance/Microchipping/Neutering/Reproductive Health/Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum Care/Maternity/Aging/Lifespan/Senility/Dementia/Hospice Care/Euthanasia/Memorialization/Legalities/Ownership/Cat-proofing Your Home/Cat Furniture/DIY Projects for Cats/Photography/Cat Cafes/Conventions/Shows/Competitions/Fashion/Accessories/Beds/Collars/Harnesses/ID Tags/Technology/Apps/Gadgets/Cat Furniture Design/Architecture/Environmental Enrichment/Therapy/Massage/Cat Yoga/Breeding/Exotic Breeds/Hybrid Breeds/Rare Breeds/Wild Species/Big Conservation/Rescue Stories/Cat Heroism/Myths/Facts/Legends/Folklore/Superstitions/Cat Holidays/Celebrations, Etc.

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  • Crafting Cats guest posts for Opensquares.org offer unparalleled visibility, reaching a vast audience passionate about feline companions.
  • Elevate your cat care, behavior, and health expertise, establishing credibility among cat enthusiasts.
  • Harnessing these platforms maximizes your impact, fostering connections and sharing valuable insights within the thriving cat-loving community. 

Submitting articles:

  • Submit articles to editor.Opensquares@gmail.com for review (or) direct publication. 
  • Please email Opensquares’s editorial team for clarifications on Cats “Write for Us” guest posts. 

Final thoughts:

After approval, don’t submit Cats articles elsewhere. Opensquares’s editorial team may modify (or) remove parts of your submission. Contributors can choose any Cats-related topic. We’ll contact you before (or) within 24 hours of submission. 

Were our informative Cats writing guidelines helpful? Comment on these directives for crafting Cats Write for Us guest posts.

Books and Magazines for Reference:

  • The Cat Behavior Answer Book—by Arden Moore,
  • Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual—by Dr. Marty Becker,
  • The Complete Cat Care Manual—by Dr. Bruce Fogle,
  • Catster Magazine(formerly Cat Fancy),
  • Modern Cat Magazine, Etc.

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