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This research on Write for Us Technology will assist the readers with the accurate guest post format. Kindly go through this content.

Do you like collecting information in Technology? Can you guide others? If you have the skills to write on informative subjects, you can join our team of Opensquares. People working with technical backgrounds can write the Write for Us Technology. This research must include all the relevant topics related to technology. If you want to know some unique details about the Opensquares site, kindly read the post here. 

About Opensquares Website

It is a website on the internet that discusses various topics with the readers. The readers trust the details shared on our website as they know that every detail shared on this site is authentic. We work on worldwide updates, international news, health, sports, product reviews, books, laws, website reviews, mutual funds, science, cybersecurity, entertainment, industry, education, politics, tokens, investment, etc. We provide details only after doing a good exploration. 

Important Rules For Write for Us + Technology

Our rules are the soul for writing any guest article irrespective of the subject. These rules decide your selection and if you have followed these guidelines very sincerely, then your post is more likely to be posted on our website. Kindly read this paragraph. 

  • The contributors should try to maintain dignity and wording. Any detail related to offensive topics will not be accepted.
  • The contributors should not send the article without rectifying the spelling or grammar fallacy. These inaccuracies can be found using online tools. 
  • The guest write-up should consist of 500 to 1000 words. 
  • You cannot place the hyperlink before 70-80 percent of the Technology Write for Us. Use if after completing more than 70% article. 
  • The spam factor determined on the hyperlink cannot be higher than 3 percent.
  • The gap maintained between the watchwords should be 90-110. 
  • Content plagiarism is strictly forbidden on our website. Not even a 1% rate of plagiarism is acceptable.
  • Inserting the pictures in the write-up will enhance its beauty and people will get impressed. 
  • The score based on readability should be more than 90%.
  • The description’s length should be 96-160 characters. 
  • The introduction and conclusion must have words not greater than 160 words. 
  • Watchwords and central links must be in blue. The hyperlinks should be in green text shade.

Topics For Write for Us Technology! 

  • Definition of Technology
  • Technology and Its Uses
  • Latest Technology In Mobile Phones
  • Technology Used In Laptop
  • Evolution in Technology
  • Advancement in Technologies

It is one of the highest rated topics as people always search about Technology because every time scientists do research and try to launch new and advanced technologies. You can do good research on it and share the guest article. 

Reasons for choosing Opensquares!

Opensquares is a trending page that has gained global popularity after working hard with the help of a team of successful contributors. We help to influence other fresh talents and help them to grow by sharing the Write for Us Technology. Those who are sharing the guest article, have their articles posted on our page which helps them to get noticed by global readers. It gives new opportunities to them and a chance to work with new publishers.

Suitability For The Content! 

Some of the new contributors may be confused while thinking of the eligibility for this chance. If you are perplexed, then you must read this paragraph to get more clarification. 

  • People knowing exploring the subject can write the guest article. 
  • One who is involved in any other profession like a teacher, graduate, doctor, etc, can also write the guest article.
  • No one is restricted to writing the Write for Us Technology based on their age, profession, and education. 

Correct Way To Submit The Post! 

After you have completed the guest article, you need to share the guest article file at  gp.opensquares@gmail.com. Our team members will reply to every contributor within one day of receiving the guest article. Once your article is reviewed by our editors, then you will receive a notification if we will post the content. All the contributors are requested to keep the content private until our team takes any action on the article. Leaking the post before we publish it on our website will be rejected. 


Summing up this post on Write for Us Technology, we have provided all the details to write a good guest post on Technology

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