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Read detailed guidelines on Write for Us SEO on opensquares.com. Also, learn about SEO topics, advantages, and keywords.

SEO is a broad concept aiming to increase quality traffic to a website. The SEO targets unpaid traffic instead of paid traffic. But, many components are involved in building SEO-friendly web pages. Are you acquainted with the idea of Search Engine Optimization? Would you like to share knowledge about SEO with our global readers?

If you want to know the guidelines for Write for Us SEO guest posts, read this article until the end.

 About opensquares.com

Opensquares.com is a popular international website publishing trendy and authentic articles daily. We provide our audience with the latest information and updates related to website and product reviews, business and finance, travel and tourism, gaming, investment, crypto, health and wellness etc.

Adding another dimension to the information we provide, we are allowing writers to post articles related to SEO.

Skill sets of a writer:

  • The blogger must have excellent written communication skills. 
  • He must be able to analyze any SEO topics,
  • The SEO Write for Us blogger must be able to understand our reader’s requirements, and
  • He must be able to do independent research on SEO topics.

Qualifications of a blogger:

  • We do not require the writer to be a qualified digital marketing aspirant (or) a professional. 
  • Experience working for SEO-related projects (or) under a digital marketing professional is preferred. 
  • The writer must be experienced in writing blogs, guest posts, (or) articles.

General guidelines:

  • The SEO article must focus only on SEO-related topics.
  • The SEO write-up must include an introduction, FAQs, a link to the source of information, two non-copyrighted images, and a conclusion section.
  • The Write for Us + SEO guest post must be between 800 to 1,500 words.

SEO norms:

  • The blogger must avoid plagiarism, grammatical errors, redundancy, commercial links, repetitive details, and offensive words and content.
  • Headings, bullet points, and subheads must be used to organize the SEO article.
  • The article must provide precise numeric figures and facts, a high readability score, and one do-followup link.
  • Use at least 80% active voice in the SEO write-up.
  • The placement of keywords must be consistent throughout the write-up at the correct density.


  1. How SEO works,
  2. Types of SEO,
  3. SEO tips and tricks for beginners,
  4. SEO tools and their ratings,
  5. Research articles on SEO,
  6. SEO marketing,
  7. Write for Us SEO on the 3 C’s of SEO,
  8. The five essential parts of SEO,
  9. Platforms for SEO development,
  10. The 200 SEO ranking factors,
  11. SEO techniques,
  12. SEO best practices,
  13. Your Audience & Industry,
  14. Keyword Research,
  15. User Intent,
  16. Analytics and Reporting,
  17. Mobile SEO,
  18. Core Web Vitals Update,
  19. Crawling,
  20. Indexing,
  21. Technical SEO,
  22. Building Links,
  23. H1 tag,
  24. Mata Title,
  25. Meta Description,
  26. Meta keywords,
  27. Alt attribute,
  28. Robots.txt,
  29. XML Sitemap, etc.

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  • Write for Us SEO
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  • SEO + “write for us”
  • SEO + “write for me”
  • SEO + “become a contributor”
  • SEO + “contribute to this site”
  • SEO + “guest poster wanted”
  • SEO + “looking for guest posts”
  • SEO + “become an author”
  • SEO + “submit guest post”
  • SEO + “suggest a post”
  • SEO + inurl:Category/guest
  • SEO + inurl:Contributors
  • Allintitle:SEO + guest post
  • Allintitle:SEO + write for us
  • Allintitle:SEO + submit blog post

Advantages of Write for Us SEO:

  • Get more viewership and global exposure,
  • Flourish your internet presence, network, portfolio, and get new opportunities, and
  • Create a long-standing consumer relationship.

How to submit SEO write for us?

Please contact our Opensquares team to learn about writing an SEO guest post. Kindly submit your sample articles (or) guest post for publication to gp.opensquares@gmail.com. Opensquares editorial team reserves the right to modify (or) delete any content of your SEO article.

The final thoughts:

Opensquares editorial team will contact you before publishing your article. Once your SEO article is approved, it cannot be submitted on other platforms. Write for Us SEO topics mentioned earlier were an example. You can submit an article on any topic related to SEO. All the above-mentioned guidelines must be followed while creating your article.

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