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Please read this article until the end to learn about our platform’s guidelines for Write For Us Online Education posts.

The conventional process of going to an educational institution and attending classes has become an old methodology. Access to the internet in all corners of the world has made it possible for students living in remote and rural areas to pursue certification from a reputed educational institution. The correspondence courses featured in 1800 A.D. itself. But, the internet has revolutionized e-learning.

Let’s check the guidelines for Write For Us Online Education guest post on our platform.

About our platform:

We are a reputed website catering to thousands of readers Worldwide. We provide the latest information about website and product reviews, advancements in technology, investment in finance and cryptocurrencies, travel and entertainment, software and applications, gaming tips, health articles, information about vehicles, and more.

We also publish information and reviews related to education and institutions. To provide more information to our readers about digital learning, we are focused on publishing articles related to online teaching and e-learning.

Guidelines for guest posts:

  • Your write-up must focus only on topics related to online education,
  • Your article must contain 1,000 to 1,500 words,
  • The content of your Write For Us + “Online Education” write-up should not include any advertisement links for any individual or business establishment,
  • Your article must consist of at least two do-followup links. These links should not contain spam score more than 1% to 3%.
  • You may submit at least two images (not copyrighted) of related topics.
  • The write-up should have consistent keyword placements,
  • The article should have a high readability score and easy, understandably,
  • At least one external link with a good trust index must be included in the write-up,
  • You must provide a conclusion at the end of the article based on the facts provided in your article,
  • Your article must have a logical flow for readers and Online Education “Write For Us” posts should be organized using subheads, bullet points, and headings,
  • Do not repeat information and avoid redundancy in your write-up,
  • Facts and accurate details should be included in your article; avoid any misinformation,
  • Do not include any offensive words and information in your article; the content must be in passive voice,
  • The information about online education must be determined from reliable sources that can be later referred to,
  • Avoid plagiarism and grammatical errors in your write-up.

Online education topics:

Most readers are interested to know about online education because:

  1. Students leaving in remote areas cannot effort to travel to an education institution. Hence, they refer Write For Us + Online Education posts,
  2. The student is working and cannot spare more than two to six hours weekly for higher education,
  3. The student is interested in a course unavailable in his town or country.

You must provide information about online education such that the student gains knowledge about:

  • The institute,
  • Online courses offered,
  • Details of online exam,
  • Course content,
  • Scope of the study,
  • Fee details,
  • EMI facility,
  • Mode of online classes (via an app, VSAT, or online),
  • Duration of course (in weeks),
  • Expected learning hours,
  • Self-paced learning modules,
  • Online instructor-led training,
  • Delivery of course material,
  • CD or DVD-based learning,
  • Online projects,
  • Question designing,
  • Write For Us Online Education about Scoring pattern,
  • Initial orientation about the course,
  • If orientation is online or if the student needs to be physically present,
  • E-learning and Development,
  • News about institute offering online courses,
  • Profile of the institute,
  • Reviews, ratings and feedback about online courses and institutes,
  • Percentage and data about students who got jobs after pursuing such online studies,
  • The average salary offered,
  • Scope to start an individual business after completing online education,
  • Advantages of digital learning,
  • Scope of higher education and different streams,
  • Online education from a foreign institute, Etc.

Keywords for Write For Us Online Education:

  • “Online classes” + “Write for us”
  • “Digital learning” + “Write for us”
  • “Remote student life” + “write for us”
  • “Online education reviews” + “write for us”
  • “Online educational feedback” + “write for us”
  • “Online courses ratings” + “write for us”
  • “Higher online education” + “write for us”
  • “Employment and online education” + “write for us”
  • “Guest posts about online studies” + “write for us”
  • “Write for us” + “e-learning”

Benefits of writing online education posts:

  • Our platform is reached by thousands of readers, giving you international exposure,
  • Our website can take your write-ups to new heights,
  • If you want more audience to view your posts on Write For Us Online Education, you can write for us,
  • You can build long-lasting customer relationships and trust with our readers,
  • Our platform allows you to share your knowledge, know-how, and expertise with global readers.

Skills required for guest post writing : 

  • The writer must be informed and educated regarding the topic chosen and produce an equivalent quality post for the reader’s information. 
  • The post must not constitute any business promotional factors, which is not allowed on guest posts. 
  • The article must be in adherence to SEO guidelines for a valid post.

Submitting online education posts: 

You may submit your posts directly for publication on our platform or send us a sample online education post for review to contact.opensquares@gmail.com. Our editorial team will review your article before publishing it. We reserve the right to remove unwanted content from your online education guest posts.

If your article is approved, our team will contact you prior to publishing it. Once your write-up is accepted, you cannot send the same Write For Us Online Education to any other website. Please navigate our ‘contact us’ page to know the email address for sending your posts.


Your post should give an insight into the course, institute, validity of the certificate, future scope, reviews, and ratings. You need not be highly qualified to write a post on online education. If you are pursuing an online course, you may share your experience. You can write online education posts if you have good knowledge.

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