Write For Us Football: Check The Latest 2023 Guidelines!

The article discusses the essential points and protocols of Write for Us Football and describes this segment’s advantages. Know more by reading this article.

Do you know how to write blogs on Football? Do you know how to draft a document for a football blog? If you see the blog on Football, you can work as a content contributor. One of the best content websites offers the opportunity to them.

On this website, you can publish your content on Football and increase your identity as a professional content contributor. But before that, know about the features of Write for Us Football. Let us give you the description. 

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Our website, Opensquares  is a reputed and pioneer content publishing company in this industry. We happily deal with various types of content, such as Crypto Currency, Online gaming, Business, Health, Bitcoin, Astrology, Fashion, Manufacturing and many more topics. 

We also publish many types of news content on various matters and post reviews on the website to educate the readers. We are not associated with any news agency; we just publish news content by taking references from trusted news portals and sources. At this time, we need experienced content contributors who can provide blogs on Football.

Write for Us + Football– The Protocols You Should Follow

  1. The content contributors should know primary and secondary knowledge about Football.
  2. The content should carry the original information and be without plagiarism.
  3. The content contributors should maintain the word count of the content. The content should be drafted between 500 to 1000 words.
  4. The contributors should draft attractive and updated topics. The content should be informative, and no filler will be used in the blog.
  5. The content must follow a modern font and format. It will give the range a professional look.
  6. For Football Write for Us, please avoid promotional content. The main target is to educate the readers on Football. 
  7. The contributors should write in easy and straightforward language. Don’t try to put any abusive words in the content. 
  8. After 80 percent of the content, the contributors should use the external link. 
  9. Using active voice sentences is a must. 
  10. Use the website link with less than a 3 percent spam score. 
  11. Check out the grammar score while drafting the content. 
  12. For the blog or article, you need to use a vibrant topic. 

Check out the topic for “Write for Us” + Football. 

  1. Who will reach the last four in the FIFA World Cup 2022?
  2. Who are the best players in the English Premier League?
  3. Which clubs are regarded as the wealthiest football clubs in the world?
  4. Write a note on the best five forward footballers in recent times.
  5. Know about the world’s best goalkeeper at the current time.

You can write blogs on this concept or choose your own topic. But while you write, describe the matter analytically and do the research on the particular topic. Try to engage the readers with your blog or content. 

Football + “Write for Us”- Know the Advantages 

  1. Our website will publish your content regularly, giving you extensive support to become a committed content writer.
  2. Your content will receive good traffic due to our SEO optimization and fame.
  3. Regular writing on football blogs will increase your expertise on the subject. You can also become an expert content writer on Football and its related subject.
  4. Our team will always help you with issues such as modern content format, technical matters and other meaningful learning.
  5. You will also bridge the expertise in this thread easily with your content

The Guest post will give an opportunity to connect with a larger group of audiences as it has thousands of readers on its platform.

Football “Write for Us” – How to Send Content 

You can send the sample on the Football or directly send us the content. Please note down our official and registered email id contact.opensquares@gmail.com

While our content team receives your content, they will evaluate the content and soon inform you of the work. Our team will notify you within 24 hours. If we find your post up to par, the outside team will connect with you for further guidance. 


On the above we have discussed and described all the basic protocols, rules and regulations of the content contributors. Now it is your turn. Without wasting your valuable time, send us content on the Football to our registered email id for the Write for Us Football segment. 

Also, follow all the protocols at your content when drafting. If you have any queries on this, you can directly email us at the above email. Gain knowledge on Football and also check the link for more understanding. What do you think about this post? Comment your view below. 

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