Write For Us Marijuana Blog Guest Post: Know 2023 Norms!

The below post will help you explore all the guidelines, benefits and other details for sharing Write For Us Marijuana Blog Guest Post.

Do you love to share informative & skillful knowledge about Cannabis? Do you possess good writing skills? Then, follow our website, as we accept insightful articles to make our readers aware of the facts related to Marijuana. 

If you are interested in sharing your Write For Us Marijuana Blog Guest Post with us, then look at our blogging guidelines and check a briefing for our portal. 

Know About Opensquares.org Website!

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Check Guidelines for writing “Write for Us Marijuana

  • The contributors must maintain the maximum & minimum word limit of 500 to 1000 words. 
  • The contributors must write in an active voice. 
  • Your shared content strictly prohibits fillers, inappropriate words, and promotional activity. 
  • Grammarly score has to be maintained for 98+. We will be more satisfied if you share a screenshot for a premium tool. 
  • External links must be attached with their crux phrase & both have to be highlighted in green & bold. 
  • Making a commenting phrase that must encourage readers to share their opinions will mark a hike in traffic. 
  • First-hand author words and language will be welcomed, and attaching a screenshot for plagiarism checkers will be a bonus for Write For Us + Marijuana Blog
  • Placing internal & external links will be more welcomed and must be highlighted with blue and green. 
  • The article’s breakthrough in headings & sub-headings will increase a readability score. 
  • Keyword gapping intensity must be between 0.75 to 1%.
  • SEO-friendly practices will boost your content’s visibility, gain traction, and reach a larger audience base.
  • Following the guidelines will make the article visible in the first SERP (Search Engine Page Results.
  • Employ accurate format using Times New Roman font, size 12, and justify the content. It will make the article appear perfect and simple to read and understand while gaining users’ interest.

Know Benefits

  • Your content will enjoy great traffic signalling, already generated by our portal. 
  • We will not take any additional premium to make it visible.
  • A high-ranking SERP will be an additional surplus. 
  • Writers will be given SEO-friendly keywords for Marijuana Blog “”Write For Us””which are readily searchable by the worldwide audience on different search engines.
  • Enthusiasts only have to write content once, & it will be visible to worldwide readers forever. 

Know Advised Topics!

  • Know Cannabis Benefits & Advantages!
  • Know Cannabis Dispensary Background!
  • Check Worldwide Customers Story!
  • Cannabis: A Terminology Guide!
  • Are there any Cons Related to Cannabis

How to Connect Us?

To start with us, you need to share your sample articles with us that must follow all the guidelines through email, that is, braydenwilson763@gmail.com.


Before sharing your Write For Us + “”Marijuana Blog””” guest article, ensure that it must follow all the described guidelines to avoid any rejection process. Also, you check basic details to grab more knowledge. 

Please note that we have the copyright to edit your shared article. In addition, if any queries and doubts are raised in your mind, do interact with us at the same email address to get a proper solution.

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