Technology Write For Us: Explore The 2023 Rules!

This post on Technology Write for Us will explain all the guidelines that will be helpful while writing write for us.

Are you a tech geek? Are you looking for a platform to present your knowledge to the world? If yes, then you are at the right place. Opensquares website gives bloggers a chance to express their knowledge and gain experience. If you are confident about your knowledge and can express yourself thoroughly, you can submit your write-ups on Technology Write for Us. In this post, we will explain all the terms and conditions of our website, so please keep reading. 

Introduction to Opensquares

Opensquares is a global platform that allows bloggers to put their knowledge in front of the world. We aim to publish articles that enlighten the readers and provide them with true information. We publish articles on various day-to-day topics like sports, fitness, law, order, fashion, lifestyle, health, finance, Technology, etc. Besides this, we ensure that our articles are easy to read and understand for everyone so that even a beginner can understand our articles. 

Necessary qualities for Write for Us + Technology

We do not require any certain qualifications or degrees from our writers. Anyone with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the topic can write for us. However, we do expect our writers to be efficient and well-informed. The following are some of the basic skills that are required for writing for us:

  • Language skills: Writers need to have a thorough grasp of the English language as our content is published in English
  • Research abilities: We do not expect writers to be a qualified researchers; however, we do want our writers to do in-depth research on their topic before publishing the article on Write for Us Technology
  • Experience: Experience is not something we usually search for in a blogger. However, it is favorable if the writer has some experience in the blogging field.

Tips and Guidelines

Before submitting their write-ups to us, writers must follow our guidelines. These are some things that are compulsory for every writer to follow; if a writer lacks in this, we will have no choice but to cancel their article. So, kindly read these instructions carefully.

  • Maintain the word limit: Writers must ensure that their write-ups do not exceed the prescribed word limit (mostly 1000). 
  • Check grammar: Writers must ensure that their write-ups on “Write for Us” + Technology do not contain grammatical errors. They can use various grammar-checking tools to make sure their article looks presentable. Correct all grammatical errors to get the recommended 99 Grammarly score. 
  • Use keywords: Writers must use a keyword after a gap of 90 to 110 words or as recommended by the team. Make them bold and blue.
  • Make the article interesting: Writers should focus on making eye-catchy and interesting titles to grab the reader’s attention. 
  • Make sure the article is easy to understand: Writers are advised to use easy language to make it easy for anyone to understand the article. Proper formatting by incorporating headings, short paragraphs, bullets, and sub-headings will create interest among the readers, and they will go through the entire content.
  • Do not plagiarize information: Please make sure you do not copy the Technology + “Write for Us” article from any website, as it could lead to plagiarism, and we won’t have any other choice but to cancel your article. However, a 1 to 3% plagiarism score for external links is allowed.
  • Make sure to use verified data: A good writer should be able to distinguish between real data and fake data. Always make sure that only authenticated information is used in the article.
  • Be respectful: Writers need to ensure that they don’t use words to harm the reader’s sentiments and are considerate towards the readers.
  • Keep the article private: Writers must keep it private until we confirm them.

Recommendations for Technology “Write for Us”

Bloggers can write for us on any topic of their choice. But we are dropping some suggestions for beginners:

  • What is the latest software?
  • What are the most powerful IT tools?
  • What is the latest research on Artificial intelligence?
  • How has Technology improved the health sector?
  • What is blockchain technology?
  • How has artificial intelligence improved itself in past years?

How can you send your articles to us?

Writers can send the writings to our We will respond shortly after analyzing the article and will inform you about the status of the article.

Final words

To summarize this post on Technology Write for Us, we can say that we have provided every detail that writers will require while submitting their articles. If you have further queries, you can contact the team of opensquares, and we will respond to you shortly. 

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