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This post will go into greater details about Write For Us + Blockchain Development. So kindly read this article thoroughly for more details.

Do you know about blockchain development? Have you heard about this technology? Content contributors who acquire good knowledge of blockchain can publish their thoughts on our website, Opensquares.org. If you are thinking about the procedure to join us, then you need not worry about it. You can join our team through guest posts. The further procedure and rules are stated below in this article. So read this article to learn about Write For Us + Blockchain Development.

About us

Our website is Opensquares.org. We are a group of talented writers that publish content on topics related to health, technology, business, the latest news, trending topics, celebrities, blockchains, etc. We guide freshers on their path of learning content writing. Our team works patiently with all the writers, whether they are trained or untrained. We also publish educational content on various subjects so readers can get help with their exam preparation.

Moreover, we also give you ideas for business startups, choosing the best career path, courses and examinations, etc. Read further for more details.

Guidelines on “Blockchain Development Write for Us

The guidelines inform content contributors of the rules they must follow when writing guest posts for our website. These rules must be followed in the write-ups or your content will be rejected. The following guidelines are based on our website’s protocol, so violating the guidelines may result in late approval or rejection of content. So please read the below guidelines:

  • Contributors must write content related to blockchain development only.
  • We never support plagiarism. So writers must check the plagiarism of their content through online tools before sending it to us.
  • Grammatical score should be 99+. Writers can check their grammar errors in Write For Us Blockchain Development Guest Post through free online tools.
  • Our website will not accept disrespectful, abusive, or offensive content. So you must keep in mind not to use such words.
  • Please highlight the external link in green. Note that the external link should be inserted after completing 80% of the content.
  • Send a well-formatted topic on Blockchain Development with headings and sub-headings.
  • Underline and bold the headings and titles to make your write-ups presentable.
  • The spam score of a link should not exceed 2-3%.
  • You can also make some points to explain your point of view.
  • Writers can use numbers and bullets in their points to differentiate them.
  • Use proper punctuation in your sentences and points, such as full stops, question marks, and colons.
  • Word limit for guest post is 1000 or as guided by the team.
  • Following SEO-friendly practices will help your content be visible in top SERP (Search Engine Page Results).
  • Using active voice and avoiding passive voice will make your writing easy to understand by viewers.

What to write?

  • Blockchain Development “”Write For Us””
  • What is blockchain development?
  • Importance of developing blockchain.
  • How are blockchains developed?
  • Procedure for blockchain development.
  • Types of Blockchains 

You can take references from the topics mentioned above to write your content. Contributors can write on the topics that suit them. We do not force anyone to choose topics given by us. Writers are free to write about whatever they like.

Why work with us?

Our site can give you long-term benefits. Many people search for an eligible website to post their content in order to gain experience and confidence. Write For Us + “”Blockchain Development””” is the opportunity for you to write for our site. You might have heard about our site. We help contributors by publishing their content on our site and by giving them experience in this field. Our website gets enormous traffic weekly, so posting on our site can redirect the traffic to your site too.

Guest posting will allow you to give exposure to your work. After publishing your content on this website, you will see lakhs of views on your posts. 

How to submit your article?

If you are interested in Write For Us + Blockchain Development guest posting on our site, you can submit your content through email. Write well-researched content on the given niche. After checking all the grammatical errors and plagiarism content, please submit your post to this email address: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. We will check your content and will notify you if your content is approved.

Your content will be moved to the reject list if we find a violation of the guidelines. We will mail you to alter the content if the content needs any change. 

In a nutshell

Wrapping up the post here on Write For Us + Blockchain Development, our team has researched and provided the best information about a guest post opportunity. Please go through all the points if you want to get eligibility to write on our site. The only thing that makes you eligible for guest post is implementing guidelines in your content. Following this will help you in getting approval soon. You can visit this link to learn more about blockchain development.

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