News Write For Us – Read All Our Guidelines of 2023!

How can you connect us through News Write for Us? Read the necessary information and guidelines about our work here in this post.

Do you believe every piece of information published online is reliable? Are you the one who wants the truth to reach the audience? Are you willing to write for a wide range of audience?

Then, unfold your writing talent and bring the truth to the audience. You can write about political wars, breaking news, analysis, social issues, controversies, environmental issues, and other headlines and information.

Do you want your thoughts to reach the maximum number of people? If so, you can contribute to OpenSquares and join our team. Let us see how you can be a part of OpenSquares through News Write for Us.

Who are we?

OpenSquares is a news and information-providing website that covers trending news stories from all over the world. We are a team constantly working to provide genuine information to our audience, whether it is through news, articles, blog post, or through reviewing products. Our opinion presented is unbiased, engaging, informational, and to the point.

Our niche is news from business, health, gaming, technology, travel, fashion, crypto, automobiles, education, and much more. We believe in spreading authentic and genuine news. We are strictly against posting unbiased content.

OpenSquares constantly look for new talent and want to give them a chance to Write for Us News or other blog posts. We do not hesitate to discuss our work, as the information we publish is fully researched and uploaded under expert guidance.

What are the requirements for news writing?

If you are comfortable with our terms and want to begin; first you familiarize yourself with our work, then start writing.

It doesn’t matter to us if you do not have prior writing knowledge or experience. You will definitely love the work and slowly become an outstanding content-writing expert. We are the suitable medium to give direction to your work through News “Write for Us”

If you have experience in work and want to influence readers uniquely, OpenSquares gives you the medium.

Guidelines to follow for writers before submitting the post:

  • The news length should be at most 1200 words; therefore, you can write in a range from 600 words to 1200 words.
  • You can write unique and creative, Blogs, opinions, development and research work from any sector.
  • We welcome here error-free content that has not been published before on the internet.
  • Your writing must be plagiarism-free. And make sure that your Grammarly score is above 98+.
  • We accept do-follow links to other websites; therefore, you can include them while submitting “Write for Us” + News.
  • Images, if you include them in the post, should be in JPG or PNG format. Make sure that you use copyright-free images in your article.
  • The spam score of your article must not exceed 3%.
  • Articles should be proofread, talk only related to the topic, and should be taken from a trusted source.
  • We do not promote websites through content. Therefore, you should also keep this in your mind.
  • Submit your work in MS-word or Doc format.

Please note we have the right to change or rewrite inappropriate words or lines. If your article is acceptable to us, we will contact you.

How can you submit your “Write for Us” + News posts?

If you have made up your mind to start writing for us, submit the sample post to this We accept a post and ideas from guest authors. If we find your post convincing enough to meet our audience’s expectations, we will get back to you soon.

Why write for OpenSquares?

We are trusted and have a good name in the online news industry. We publish genuine and to-the-point information from our research work. It is rewarding in many ways if you join OpenSquares’ writers’ team.

On top of that, you will get the audience if people start liking your write-ups. Therefore, grab the opportunity and start with News + “Write for Us” to express your views. Do not hesitate and contact us today with whatever ideas you have.


What are you thinking now? Please feel free to showcase your writing talent to a mass audience. The requirements are minimal, but ensure you have gone through all the necessary points we have covered above. We hope you understand the information published here for News Write for Us.

Do you have that potential? If so, come and join us. Else, if you know someone who needs this information, then share it with them. You can read about News 

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