Viral Scandal In Cemetery Pinay Full Video: Check Link Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram

The article gathers the details related to the Viral Scandal In Cemetery Pinay Full Video. Read the article till the end to know the complete information.

Have you heard of the recent viral scandal doing rounds on the internet? The cemetery scandal shocked the Philippines‘ public as a couple was found together making out in a public park. The scandal went viral, and reports suggest that the video of the couple has been circulated on the internet. The government has said that it would monitor the people’s activities and prevent them. Details are mentioned about the Viral Scandal In Cemetery Pinay Full Video here.


Why is it termed a viral scandal?

The couple was caught making out, and it seems they recorded the video independently. A video on the internet depicts the entire incident, and people can see them together. However, the entire video is unavailable on any of the sites, and some links are provided that redirect to an entirely new page. 

As per the reports, people caught them making out and reported the case, and further, they were caught and reported to the police. We have not found any video link that is unavailable online with the scandal.

Is there any Link to a viral scandal?

Various platforms suggest having provided the link to the viral video. But no such obscene videos are found. There is also a link provided to the YouTube channel, but we need to find out whether it is the same scandal or a different one, as nothing objectionable is presented in that video. 

Is there any Link to a viral scandal

The link shows only a few seconds of clips, but nothing objectionable is seen in that video. It represents a cemetery, although. However, a couple can be seen sitting together, but that does not justify the viral scandal being talked about. The link is provided in the concluding part pf this article.

Reports of the scandal going Viral On Twitter

The public learned about the scandal after it began trending on Twitter and other social platforms. The video contains explicit materials; unlike other videos, this cannot be tracked down easily. The video is receiving colossal attention, and the viewers cannot resist clicking on this link, but there is no such website that shows such videos or clips on the platform.

No comments have been found on Twitter, and people are not allowed to visit the page. Internet users are eager to watch the video, but it is not readily available, leading them to explicit websites. A link to Twitter is provided here  

Cemetery scandal on Reddit

Although the video started trending on various social media platforms, the viewers could not view the video. The video may have been covered up or shielded in some manner, as it has gathered substantial unwanted attention from people worldwide. 

The video is removed from social media sites, and it is challenging to find anywhere. Reddit is the first place where the videos are posted but  it takes down all obscene content as soon as it comes under attention.

If that is the reason, then it would be the best decision, and the public should be able to track the video under any circumstances. The viral video link provided on Reddit is mentioned here  

Viral scandal on Telegram

The scandal became viral mainly due to the minors caught in the act in a cemetery. The public lashed the two due to their obscene acts, which were not appreciated. We have not found any links to Telegram related to this viral scandal, and it is appreciable that the links are not found. 

Read more detailed information about the video here


The viral scandal video links are mentioned everywhere, but they are inoperative, and we hope that the internet takes down the video as soon as possible, if any. What are your thoughts on the viral video? Comment below.

Viral Scandal In Cemetery Pinay Full Video-FAQs

Q1. Why has the video gained recognition?

Due to the action taking place in the cemetery.

Q2. Who are the ones present in the scandal?

They are a minor couple.

Q3. Are there links available to the viral video?

No links are found

Q.4 Since when has the video been circulating?

October 2022.

Q.5 Who shared the video?

The account of the person is suspended, and the person is unknown.

Q6. Is the video still available?

It is challenging to find the video.

Q7. Why did the scandal go viral suddenly?

Due to the act of the minors in the cemetery.

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