[Full Original Video] Video Rebecca Koppler Twitter: Who Is Rebecca Klopper? Check If 11 Menit Video Becca Viral Link Twitter Still Available

The Video Rebecca Koppler Twitter article elaborately explained the scandal’s details and provided credible information.

Do you know Rebecca Klopper? Who is Rebecca Klopper? What happened to Rebecca? Where is Rebecca from? What is the viral Rebecca video about? If you are also wondering about the same things, this article on Video Rebecca Koppler Twitter might help you to understand the trending matter more. The viral Rebecca video is a trending sensation in IndonesiaSingaporeMalaysia, and the United States.

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Rebecca Klopper & Fadly Faisal’s Viral Video

Recently, a video that has explicit and mature footage has been trending on social media. The video is said to be from Indonesia and involves two Indonesian celebrities. In the video, a male and female are involved in an objectionable act, and the action is captured on the camera. Although no one’s face is visible, people still claim that the girl in the video is an Indonesian actress, Rebecca Klopper. 

Disclaimer: The video has matured and indecent content. Thus, we will restrict providing any link to the viral video on our website. 

More Details on Video Becca Viral Link Twitter

The trending video is 47 seconds long, and people have claimed that the girl in the video is Rebecca because their body appearance looks similar; the navel is pierced, and she has several moles around her lips, like Rebecca’s moles on her lips. But many netizens have also thrashed the claims and said it is not Rebecca. 

People noticed small details and concluded that it was Rebecca in the viral indecent video. But no other official and concrete details are available to support such claims. Netizens said that the video was a deception and hoax. 

Who Recorded the Video and Leaked it?

The source from where the Rebecca Klopper 11 Menit video leaked is unknown. Many internet users and Rebecca’s fans have claimed that the male in the video is Fadly Faisal (Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend). Sources say that Faisal is the person who recorded the video without Rebecca’s knowledge. But the ex-couple is yet to make any comment on the topic.

In the video, the girl was seen lying in bed without clothes. People also suspect Rebecca was unconscious when the video was recorded. These types of half information are harmful because there is no evidence to prove it is Rebecca Klopper in the video. 

Details About Rebecca Klopper

The famous Video Rebecca Koppler Twitter girl’s full name is Rebecca Ayu Putri Klopper, and she was born in Malang in East Java. She has Indonesian nationality, but her Wikipedia page says she is of Australian descent. Rebecca was born on 21st November 2001. She is a famous actress, singer, and model.

Her mother’s name is Susanna Klopper, and her father’s is James Klopper. She has been in this industry since 2013; she must have debuted as a child artist. Rebecca has worked in many shows and films. Rebecca has a brother and a sister. Rebecca has been a trending topic on social media since Video Rebecca Koppler Twitter


The article has explained all the details about a trending video allegedly involving Rebecca Klopper and Fadly Faisal. The video has indecent, mature, and explicit content in it. The video was leaked from an anonymous source and was 47 seconds long. The girl and boy in the video were not visible properly, but still, people claim that it is Faisal and Rebecca in the footage. For more details on Rebecca.

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Must Read Updates on Video Rebecca Koppler Twitter: FAQs

Q1. Who is Rebecca Klopper?

A1. Rebecca is a famous Actress and singer from Indonesia.

Q2. Why is Rebecca the talk of the town recently?

A2. An explicit video is leaked, and the netizen claims that Rebecca is in the video.

Q3. Who is Fadly Faisal?

A3. Faisal is the ex-partner of Rebecca, and he is allegedly in the viral video with Rebecca.

Q4. Why does everyone think that it is Rebecca in the video?

A4. As per small details such as; navel piercing, looks and lip moles, the girl seems very similar to Rebecca. Thus, it is Rebecca Klopper.

Q5. Can Video Becca Viral Link Download be possible?

A5. No, the video’s several links are provided, but the original video has been removed from sites because of its indecency. Thus, it is not possible to install the video. 

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