Best 10 Video Call APIs for Your Business

In this era of technology, video calling has become a standardized communication medium within businesses and professional sectors. The demand for a good video call application has also increased with this rising need. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to build your video chat app with minimal resources, using a video call API is the best solution. In this article, you will find 10 top options to get started.

How to Choose a Good Video Calling API for Your App

Choosing a good video calling API for your business could be a difficult task, especially when there are many options available in front of you. Henceforth, in this scenario, you need to consider these metrics to make the right decision:

  • Cross-Platform and Compatibility: Overall, a good video call API will always come with cross-platform support. Hence, it would be compatible with iOS, Android, and Web browsers. Overall, the API should be available on different operating systems and devices.
  • Clear Price Quotes: In addition, the specific API must show a transparent price quote with no hidden fees or charges. Furthermore, the API also needs to have different discounted packages that are tailor-made to business needs.
  • Reviews and Feedback: Overall, the API must have a good reputation in the video calling API industry. Thus, it needs to have positive customer reviews and feedback that could enhance customer trust with a proven track record.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Video calling API must allow third-party integrations as a way to scale business in desired perspectives. Meanwhile, the integrations may include CRM, analytics dashboards, social media channels, and more.

Top 10 Video Call APIs for Your Product

If you’re searching for the best video calling API for a video call app, here you’ll find the 10 most popular choices to integrate into your business:


Blending high-quality video chat features to your business is now easier with ZEGOCLOUD, which is an industry-leading video call API. Secondly, this video call API provides video calls in up to 4K resolutions while delivering low latency with an average of 300ms. Not to forget, ZEGOCLOUD allows up to 10,000 participants within a video call and supports 15000 devices across different platforms.

Moreover, this video call API comes with ready-made UI components to provide out-of-the-box solutions. With simple integrations, your business application can go live within minutes.

Key Features

  • There is a live streaming service for streaming video calls to a wider audience.
  • With in-app chat, users can do personal chats throughout the live video calls.
  • Moreover, users can share screens with participants during presentations or virtual meetings using screen sharing.
  • Adding a virtual background is also a possibility during video calls that promotes personal privacy.
  • The call monitoring facility allows for real-time diagnosis of calls in order to detect and solve issues.
  • In addition, users can record the call to share them with people who missed online sessions.

Price: Start from $3.99/1,000 participant minutes

Support: iOS: Swift, Web: JavaScript, React Native, Electron, Unity3D, Cocos Creator, Windows, macOS, Linux, Flutter, Android: Java

2. Sinch

Overcome locational barriers to establish face-to-face communications with Sinch. This video call API is a trusted solution for businesses to build real-time applications with extended support, modern functionality, and efficient network connections. Thus, your users will experience high-quality video calls alongside extraordinary audio support. With Sinch, make video call applications for all business sectors.

Key Features

  • Messaging Facility
  • Low Latency Calling
  • Blur Face Option
  • Peer-to-peer Communication

Price: Users need to talk to an expert for this purpose to get a quote.

Support: iOS, Android, JavaScript

3. CometChat

Making facial communications simpler and faster, CometChat is an organized way to schedule meaningful connections across borders. Moreover, this video call API allows businesses to create flexible applications using pre-built UIKits. With the availability of no-code widgets, developers can simply drag and drop to make applications in a quick time. Meanwhile, end users will experience high-quality video calling with zero disruptions.

Key Features

  • Media Attachments
  • Message Typing Indicators
  • Group Video Calls
  • Login Authentications

Price: Starts from $109/month

Support: Angular, iOS, PHP, Ionic/Cordova/Capacitor, Swift, React Native, React, Kotlin, Vue, Android Java, Flutter, Laravel

4. Sendbird

Sendbird is an efficient and effective way to add high-quality video chat functionalities to your applications. After all, this video calling API possesses ready-made libraries and code blocks to help businesses make applications in a quick time. Apart from providing interruption-free video calls, Sendbird protects user data through media encryption with DTLS standards.

Key Features

  • Monitor Call Logs
  • Screen Sharing
  • Custom Sound Effects
  • Call Recording

Price: Starts from $399/month

Support: iOS, Android, JavaScript, React Native, Unity

5. Agora

Connect with people around the world using Agora Android video call API. Furthermore, this platform allows businesses to develop live video chat apps for web, mobile, and native apps. For users, Agora provides video calling in a stable network alongside intelligent routing and low latency to deliver the best experience. Meanwhile, Agora provides solutions for various working sectors.

Key Features

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • AI Noise Suppression
  • Support Multi-Channel Capture Cameras
  • Analytics Facility

Price: Starts from $3.99/1,000 minutes

Support: Android, iOS, Web, macOS, Windows, Electron, Unity, Flutter, React Native

6. PubNub

PubNub is a top video call API by which businesses can make video applications without acquiring many resources and making applications in a quick time. Moreover, this API is built on WebRTC technology, making integration much easier and faster. Secondly, the WebRTC framework also supports audio, video, and data connections across the internet.

Key Features

  • File Sharing
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • In-App Messaging
  • Mobile Push Notifications

Price: Starts at $49/month

Support: JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Python, Unity, Android, Go, and more.

7. Twilio

With Twilio, establish memorable face-to-face connections efficiently. Meanwhile, this video calling API helps develop fully functional applications for businesses in an innovative standard with the availability of customizations. Moreover, this platform is developed using WebRTC, ensuring stable video call experiences and stunning audio support. With cloud infrastructure, develop and run your application from anywhere worldwide.

Key Features

  • PSTN Calling
  • Network Bandwidth Profile API
  • AI Noise Cancellation
  • Whiteboard and Animations

Price: Starts from $0.0015 for every participant per minute

Support: JavaScript, iOS, Android

8. MirrorFly

Build real-time communications with zero interruptions using MirrorFly API for video calls. Moreover, this platform is backed with feature-rich APIs that establish stable peer-to-peer virtual interactions. Meanwhile, there is an option for whiteboards, private chat, waiting room, and breakfast room for better managing and organizing video conferences. With low latency support, experience minimal delays using all-important calls.

Key Features

  • Active Speaker Mode
  • Floating Window Mode
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Split Screens

Price: Starts from $399/month

Support: iOS, Android, React, Angular, VueJs

9. QuickBlox

Make meaningful collaborations across the globe using QuickBlox Android video call API. Apparently, by integrating this API/SDK, businesses can enhance their overall functionality with top-quality video-calling support. Meanwhile, the API is cost-efficient, bringing a range of features in its pre-built libraries and code blocks. Thus, developers can integrate almost everything into applications without needing to code and use resources.

Key Features

  • Camera Switch
  • Group Calls
  • Mute Background Noise
  • Screen Sharing

Price: Starts from $99/month

Support: iOS, Android, JavaScript, React Native, Flutter, Server API

10. Vonage

Video chat communications are now easier, smarter, and more effective with Vonage video call API for React Native. Moreover, this platform allows businesses to make customized video applications for desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Interestingly, this API is built over a WebRTC network that supports video meetings across browsers and devices on the internet. Overall, the entire video calling stream is secured with AES-128 encryption.

Key Features

  • RTMP Streaming
  • Large Broadcast Sessions
  • Audio and Video Recording
  • AR/VR Filters

Price: Starts from $0.00395/participant per minute

Support: Web, iOS, React Native, Android, Windows, Linux


To summarize, video calling is a great solution to eliminate geographical barriers, as users can communicate and see each other while sitting anywhere in the world. Subsequently, the need for video calling apps is significantly rising, due to which more and more businesses are diverting towards video calling APIs.

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