The Main Benefits Businesses Can Gain From Jobs Posting Data

Data-driven decisions are currently more important than ever. Leveraging job postings database can give you a better idea of what your competitors are looking for in talent and which job market trends job postings are following, so you can create more effective postings for your company. 

What is a job posting?

A job posting is a type of advertisement that is published for job seekers. The purpose of the job posting is to lure talent in and inform potential candidates about job requirements, salary, and other special criteria. 

Now as for job posting datasets, these are files of structured data that contain job postings all in one place, with relevant information about them. The information is all structured and organized so that it’s easy to find whatever you need. 

These datasets have become a crucial part of many businesses, and with a study that showed that 85% of jobs are filled due to networking, we can see that it is truly effective. 

What can businesses achieve by using job posting data?

With the right datasets and data analysts, businesses can achieve a lot with access to job postings. Let’s check out some of the top business achievements while using job posting datasets.

Attracting diligent talent 

A job posting dataset contains valuable information about each posting, for example, how long the posting was up before the company found the perfect candidate. This will help businesses learn new strategies and what criteria they should set. This is vastly important since a study revealed that the real cost of employee turnover could cost businesses a fortune, to be exact: 

  • Entry-level Employees – between 30-50% of the annual salary to replace them.
  • Mid-level Employees – 150% and more of their annual salary to replace them.
  • High-level or Highly Specialized Employees – 400% of their annual salary.

Accomplish great investments 

Investing businesses are known to use various data in order to analyze the companies in which they want to invest in. Not all of these investors consider using job postings data, but those who do receive great results, because we all know the more data and analysis the greater the results will be. 

Pursue creativity 

With job posting datasets, businesses tend to achieve new levels of creativity, new ideas for job postings, and better campaigns. It either happens from pursuing and grabbing new job posting ideas from other companies or when businesses think of new ways to advertise and not be clashing with other job postings. 

The key advantages of structured job postings datasets

Now that we have determined what a job posting is, let’s get into its advantages for businesses, specifically on how these structured datasets are better than job posting websites. 

Broader coverage

While job posting websites are aimed at the job seeker, businesses can get more use of job posting datasets. These datasets basically withhold all of the same info as websites, however, the great thing is that the job postings are all in one place. Which will same effort and time for businesses who want to find these job postings. 

Set notifications

With a job posting dataset in hand, companies can set notifications on new and removed vacancies. Info about new vacancies can show which talent other companies are searching for. As for removed job posts, businesses can study what those job postings offered that resulted in them finding an employee so easily. 

Effortless analysis

Job postings datasets are super handy for analysis, an analysis of what competitors are doing, what marketing strategies are they using, and what information they include in job posts. A survey conducted by Glassdoor has shown the 5 pieces of information job seekers want employers to provide, this includes basic company details, details on compensation packages, details on benefits offers, factors that make the company a luring place to work, and the company mission, vision, and values. With this information in hand combined with a job posting dataset, businesses can create the ultimate strategies and job posts. 

Filtered search

A great feature of datasets is filtered search. The idea to scroll through all job offerings can get dreading and there is almost a guarantee that manual search will come with human error. Whereas filtered search, will size down the dataset list and filter out only relevant vacancies. You can set a filter on a specific job or set multiple filters like location, salary, and special criteria. 


A structured job posting dataset can truly equip any business with new opportunities and greater advantages. As the popularity of these data sets is rising, the databases are getting bigger, and so will the benefits increase as well. 

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