[Watch Link] Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It On Instagram, Telegram, TikTok

Facts About Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on TwitterInstagram, TelegramTikTok. What is Gbola?

How did the Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter? Who is Very Dark Man? What tape of him has been leaked? Why is Very Dark Man trending on social media? People from NigeriaGhanaItaly, the United Kingdom, and the United States want to know about the Very Dark Man. Let us discuss the topic here. 

Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter

A video has been leaked on a telegram channel. It allegedly has a Nigerian social media influencer known as ‘Very Dark Man.’ The video has intimate and explicit footage of the said celebrity. He has been under criticism for his private life before. Now, people are asking a sort of question. 

The very Dark Man Gbola video was uploaded on the Telegram channel. The channel is known as ‘Gistlover.’ This channel usually uploads such controversial things. And they expose the celebrities. They have more than 10,000 subscribers. The video’s explicit content attracted a lot of attention to Very Dark Man.

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Very Dark Man Biography & More

His name is Martins Vincent Otse. He has a huge following on his social media channels. As per reports, he is a social activist and a person dedicated to good work. He has official social media accounts (we will mention it in the below social media section).  

Verydarkman Gbola on Telegram video has made him go viral on social networking sites. He has been openly discussing what happened to him. Martins is not at all affected by the video leak. He has been spreading awareness against the ‘Gistlover’ account. Martins is from Abuja, Nigeria. On Very Dark Man Instagram, he discusses several cases and injustices happening around him. 

Public’s Reaction About Very Dark Man

People like him and his thoughts. Everyone likes how straightforward he is. On his social media, he talks a lot about social issues. He also reacts to many videos. Martins, also known as Very Dark Man Gbola, once exposed a beauty brand. He claimed that they are selling products without proper certification.  

In this incident, people have given mixed reactions. However, most of the netizens are supporting and believing Martins. Many people are also doubting him and believing the ‘Gistlover’ leaked video.

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Very Dark Man Instagram & More

Very Dark Man has provided a link to his Facebook account on his Instagram bio.

Instagram Account of Martins: 

He has more than 500 thousand followers. He had uploaded more than 430 posts. He has not provided much personal details about him anywhere. 

Facebook Account

He has 84 thousand followers on Facebook. 

Very Dark Man TikTok

He has 6.3 thousand followers on his TikTok.

Twitter Account:

He has more than 23 thousand followers on Twitter.

YouTube Account

On his channel, he has more than 1.80 thousand subscribers. He has posted 56 videos till now. He has joined Very Dark Man TikTok not long ago. 


The article has talked about a mature video of Very Dark Man. It was leaked by the ‘Gistlover’ telegram channel. This channel is famous for leaking and exposing videos of celebrities. Very Dark Man’s name is Martins, and he is from Nigeria. Much of the Very Dark Man Biography is not provided by him. On his social media, he talks about social injustice. For more details about Martin’s videos, click here.


Who is Martin Vincent? Please tell us through comments if you know anything about Verydarkman Gbola on Telegram.

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