Factors That Affect the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Anyone who goes through a personal injury that is caused by the action of someone else has the right to get compensation for the suffering and loss that they bear. Now, the injured party can be in any situation. They might be dealing with a slip and fall injury, or a car accident, and could be dealing with medical malpractice.  

In the depths, there are two major things that can help establish a claim. These are the damages and the liability.

According to a personal injury lawyer in Houston, finding out who is at fault is known to be the liability and damages are the nature of the harm that has been done to the property of a person or directly to them.

Influence of Severity of Injury

The nature of the injury along with its severity plays a very important role in defining the significance of personal injury claims. This means that the worse the injury is, the higher the compensation for that. 


The simple injuries when they occur come with very severe costs and the severe ones on the other hand come with higher costs. Complex injuries like spinal cord injuries or prolonged brain damage can cause prolonged hospital stays, physical therapy sessions, and proper care. 

Also, whenever there is severe injury discussed, the recovery time in that case can be longer compared to other cases. This means that the person affected by the injury will have to deal with a loss of money that was needed for the treatment. 


Beyond the tangible factors, there are some intangible things to take into consideration. These can impact the suffering and the pain of the intangible damages.

No matter how much understanding we have, it is not easy to decide on a price for the psychological and emotional trauma left on the person who got injured.

Especially in the cases where the injuries leave permanent disabilities can increase the claim value a lot. So, in all essence, the value of the personal injury depends a lot on tangible and intangible costs that the victims will be bearing.

Medical Expenses

The medical expenses that come with a personal injury are not just confined to the time when the injury occurred. These can also go on for a longer period of time. So, when it comes to personal injury claims, the present and projected costs for medical needs can increase or decrease the value of the claim.

Present Medical Costs

These are the medical costs that arise after the injury has occurred. These can be: 

  • The cost of hospital stay and of the relevant tests
  • The costs of the ambulance services, immediate surgery costs, and other medical interventions. 
  • The money linked with medical supplies i.e. plaster, crunches, and casts
  • All the costs associated with the follow-ups, medications, and the diagnostics. 

Future Medical Costs

The future medical costs oftentimes are more than the existing ones. These can include: 

Surgeries: A lot of times, there are multiple injuries needed to treat an injury caused during an accident. 

Physiotherapy: There are cases where after the surgery is over, physiotherapy is done for further treatment.

Medication: Serious injuries can leave you on medication that needs to be taken for a long period of time.


For a number of reasons, in some cases rehabilitation and physiotherapy is necessary. This can be:

  • Mental health support for emotional wounds
  • Physical therapy to work on different body parts
  • Occupational therapy helps individuals adapt to daily lives 

The Power of Evidence

When it comes to personal injury, the role of concrete evidence can increase or decrease the value of the claim.      

Evidence when clear can establish great liability and make it easy for you to determine who is at fault. A piece of good evidence can also help in early settlements of cases.

The Word of Witnesses

To get a neutral perspective of the injury, the role of the witnesses is really important. A witness can also help in finding out some significant details that can be including severity, nature, and the conditions in which the accident occurred. 

To add to the trustworthiness of the claim, this kind of unbiased view can play a crucial role. 

When the witnesses present at the site of the accident provide the best insight, experts like accident reconstructionists can also help in finding out the value of the claim being made.       

The Takeaway!

The value of personal injury can be determined by some of the important factors. All of these are discussed above. Make sure to focus on them in order to make your case strong. They also make sure that justice is served to the party that deserves it and that not a single person was attacked wrongly during the case hearings. 

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