MMP or Tough Decisions: Not Sure What’s Holding You Back?

Marketers opt for mobile marketing platforms (MMP) in the hopes of making their tough decision-making process – slightly easier, much faster, and fully automated. But none of this would be true if you’ve ended up with the wrong service provider. Working with an MMP that is not equipped to face the challenges of the new age mobile economy can limit your marketing efforts, or turn them futile.

You could be creating the best media mix modeling campaign with your high valued partners, but a single mistake in postback setup can burn a hole in your pockets (and partnerships). Or, your seasonal marketing campaigns across multiple channels can turn into a fad when your MMP does not provide an attribution framework to measure its performance. And worse – due to the lack of anti-fraud features, you may end up paying for leads that do not convert or engage. Does that echo with you? If yes, let us help! Here are some pain points that pushed our clients to switch from their old provider to the Trackier Mobile Markeing Platform. How many of these can you relate to? 

#1 Poor Attribution and Stunted Reporting Features

When your ad performance and user data are available on multiple media platforms, why do you need an MMP to view it? The answer is simple. Mobile marketing platforms not only help you to attribute your campaigns but also translate the collected data into comprehensible chunks that you can use to optimize your marketing spend. That’s why it’s essential for your MMP to offer advanced attribution features, and allow you to customize the reporting formats as per the requirements of your campaigns. Marketers should get access to the data collected from all the touchpoints, and devices, including tablets, CTV devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

#2 Compromised Frameworks for Fraud Protection

Despite the continual action against such activities, mobile ad fraud is still the leading cause of losses for marketers today. Just as bots and fraudsters get smarter every time, your anti-fraud protection should upscale too. It is not enough to flag traffic, or conversions received from suspicious sources. Your MMP should be able to flag abnormal behavior patterns like low CTIT, IP duplication for multiple installs, inaccurate revenue reporting, etc. to give you a clear picture of the acquired users you should re-target for better ROI. 

#3 Inaccessible Customer Support

The scale of your marketing campaigns is bound to change with the length of time. What seemed like a no-brainer yesterday might start looking like an essential KPI of ad performance tomorrow. And with the onset of new technology, like CTV, SKAN, etc. you might find yourself questioning what is MMP tracking supposed to do for me. While all that is a natural process of growth, finding a lack of support from your MMP provider isn’t. As your bridge with the advertising world, an MMP provider can be the best resource to keep you abreast with all the developments in the market. That’s why, at Trackier we offer 24×7 customer support via email, telephone, or Skype, so that you aren’t left behind in a changing mobile economy. In addition, clients can also connect with their dedicated Customer Support Manager to onboard new partners, set up multi-layered campaigns, customize anti-fraud protection plans, and so much more. Still, looking for more reasons for why do you need an MMP from Trackier? 

#4 No Assured Data Protection in a Privacy-Centric World

You might wonder – what is MMP tracking supposed to do with privacy protection? Well, the concerns about user privacy have awakened the mobile market to a storm. As app users get aware, they demand stricter measures from developers and third party providers to secure their information from unwarranted use. And securing user privacy also includes preventing relay, or recording of sensitive user information via App attribution. So, it is best to opt for an MMP that abides by the international regulations set for user privacy, including CCPA and GDPR, that ensure your App can build trustability amongst a keen user base around the globe. 

Putting it Together

More than half of the marketers in the country are not aware what is MMP platform in India. And the ones that do, still struggle to tap into their full potential. This phenomenon is indicative of the hundreds of MMP partnerships that put app owners and brands in a tight spot for making tough decisions. Fortunately, the way out is easily available. Trackier’s Mobile Marketing Platform comes with 300+ APIs and offers integrations with all the major MMPs. With one click, you can bring all of your historical campaign data to the Trackier platform, and avail of the 24×7 support to onboard your marketing partners. Just like that, your new (and much smoother) journey into the mobile economy can begin. So, what’s holding you back?

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