University of Kentucky Racist Student Video: Is He Arrested? Check Details for Incident Video Which Went Viral on TWITTER, Reddit & Telegram!

The viral University of Kentucky Racist Student Video has made many people annoyed. Read and discover what the victim suffered due to the misconduct.

Why was a student arrested? Is she accused of multiple charges? Several accusations have been brought against a Kentucky University student accused of attacking Black pupils and mentioning racial insults. A video of the incident quickly became widely shared Worldwide.

Let us know more about the incident that the student faced due to another student’s misconduct and the University of Kentucky Racist Student Video.

Which video got viral recently?

The recent viral footage of a White woman, Sophia Rosing, is being circulated widely. In the video, Sophia is seen placing her hands on the Black student. She is seen allegedly shouting racial obscenities and attempting to strike the student

The victim can be seen restraining and not reacting. Besides, the victim requested Sophia to stop while escaping her blows. Sophia also used inappropriate words and is audible using them constantly.

Incident Video:

Kentucky University’s student’s viral video has hit social media, and people are outraged for a White student stating racial comments about a Black woman. In the footage, another is visible, attempting to step in. Also, Sophia seems to aim a shopping cart at both Black students.

In this video clip, Sophia can be viewed trying to strike the Black victim. The footage captures her using a racial epithet while being restrained by the student.

University of Kentucky Student Arrested:

As per Sophia’s arrest records at the Fayette County Jail, she is a 22-year-old university student and was detained by the police administrator early on Sunday, November 6, 2022, morning by Kentucky University’s law enforcement officials on suspicion of public intoxication, assault, assaulting a police official, and disorderly conduct.

According to the news reports, Sophia’s bond was placed at 10,000 USD, and she was told not to speak to the sufferer or consume alcohol. The event allegedly occurred in a few of the University’s residence halls. Among the victims of an incident captured Viral on TWITTER was a college person serving at the reception desk for an overnight shift.

What were the statements from the University’s officers?

According to a statement to the staff and students from Eli Capilouto, the Kentucky University’s President, the student employee behaved professionally, restrainedly, and discretely, according to his assessment of a videotape of the occurrence.

The visuals in the film, according to Capilouto, do not fulfill “the obligations to one another and,” and the institution criticizes “this behavior and will never accept it in any conditions.”

Besides, he stated that they show violence, which is not justified, and a rejection of the dignity of those living in their neighborhood. They don’t represent polite conversation, as seen in Reddit posts, and are fundamentally at odds with who they are as a society and what we’ve always aspired to be.

What was Sophia’s reaction upon arrest?

The authorities took the woman to jail, who kept saying the same phrase. So, they took her out of the situation, the document notes. “She said that because of her wealth, she is given priority. She attacked and clawed her hands once they urged her to relax in the seat.


Sophia Rosing, a White 22-year-old woman, is also charged with hitting and biting an arresting official who came to Boyd Hall at around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 6, 2022. 

Based on an arrest complaint from campus security, the policeman observed her reportedly intoxicated and constantly calling a Black women group derogatory names. Tap here to learn more about Sophia Rosing’s case.

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University of Kentucky Racist Student Video: FAQS

Q1. What is the accusation against Kentucky University’s student?

A Kentucky University student is accused of attacking and using racial comments for a black woman.

Q2. Which White woman who used racial comments was arrested?

Sophia Rosing is a 22-year-old White woman from Kentucky University.

Q3. When is the preliminary hearing of the racist student case scheduled?

It is scheduled for November 15, 2021.

Q4. Is the University still supporting Sophia?

The University of Kentucky refused to tolerate such behavior.

Q5. What was Sophia’s reaction at the initial appearance in the court?

Sophia cried during her initial appearance at the court, as mentioned in Telegram posts.

Q6. Is Sophia Rosing arrested?

Sophia is arrested for her racial comments.

Q6. What are Sophia’s parent’s statements about the incident?

Sophia’s parents have not mentioned anything publicly.

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