9 Types of Streetwear Pants You Should Try

Streetwear fashion is casual clothing that became popular with skateboarding culture in the 1990s. It escalated from New York Hip-hop fashion and Californian surf culture that inspires you to do-it-yourself aesthetic fashion with the help of comfortable pieces like hoodies, sweatshirts, sneakers, and many others, including Japanese street fashion outfits. With an increase in its craze worldwide, from adults to kids, everyone is opting for streetwear to create their unique style.

With the increase in demand, many streetwear brands have bought unique styles of outfits, including Tees, hoodies, and pants. But with the number of items of clothing options available, you might need clarification. Choosing Tees and Hoodies might be easier, but when it comes to choosing pants, it might get difficult for you. To remove all your confusion and give you a clear idea, here in this blog, we have brought a collection of the top 9 pants you should try and rock every day.

9 types of streetwear pants you should try

Streetwear has now become trendy in the fashion industry. Streetwear gives you the freedom to create your style. With the increase in streetwear demand, many brands have brought different kinds of outfits, from sweatshirts to uniquely designed pants. But sometimes, with the ample options available, it becomes difficult for you to choose one. Today we have brought 9 types of streetwear pants that you should try.

1. Chinos

A versatile type of pants that you will fall in love with. Chinos are comfortable pants that are the best choice to wear, whether it’s a casual or formal occasion. They fit perfectly around your waist and are great in terms of flexibility. You will find various color options for chinos that can be perfectly matched with any pair of shoes. You can wear chinos on sweatshirts, hoodies, and Graphic Tee and rock on the street perfectly.

2. Track bottoms

Track bottoms are another streetwear pants you should try. They are very flexible and comfortable, which suits any body type and figure. The benefits of track bottoms are that you can wear them in any season. This allows you to break some fashion rules in terms of color restriction, which can be paired easily with Hoodies and T-shirts. To get a trendier and cooler look, you can pair it with sneakers. 

3. Khaki

Looking for a cool mid-streetwear look? Then khaki bottoms can be one of the best options for you. They are made from 100% heavyweight cotton and can be worn casually and formally. Many brands provide you with various types of options like regular fit, relaxed fit, skinny fit, slim fit, and tapered fit, you can choose any of them according to your choice and match it with sneakers.

4. Joggers

Joggers are a trendy and comfortable type of streetwear pants that can be a great choice if you are searching for fashionable pants. Many brands keep on releasing new collections of joggers now and then. Joggers are easy-to-wear bottoms that can be easily matched with sweatshirts or hoodies. Joggers can look good if you follow ‘jogger fashion rules and match them with the right pair of shoes. Before you buy joggers, you must ensure that you choose the right one that fits and suits your body. 

5. Corduroy bottoms

Corduroy bottoms are another type of streetwear bottoms that have distinctive features. Corduroy bottoms are comfortable and well-aerated, which you can wear casually or formally. They can be paired with sweaters, hoodies, and sneakers. You can buy corduroy bottoms in different colors and styles and make your look fashionable.

6. Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are another streetwear that you can wear to create a fashionable and ethnic look. They are comfortable and lightweight fabrics that you can wear for work, formal functions, and special occasions. You can style palazzo with Kurtis, Crop tops, and bra tops. To complete your look, you can style it with sandals or shoes.

7. Prisoner drawstring pants

Prisoner drawstring pants can easily gain attention because of how they are designed. Prisoner drawstring pants have become trendy because of their unique brand, and many brands release them for specific demographics. You can pair prisoner drawstrings with polo t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. To complete your fashionable look, you can match it with the right shoes or sneakers.

8. Aviation pants

Aviation pants can be another best choice for you. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and the best choice for your casual situation. They are made from 100% cotton, which can be used long-term because of their long-laying durability. Aviation pants are made from solid buttons that will never tear off while you are sitting down. Aviation comes in different styles, sizes, and colors that will mesmerize you and will help you in creating everyday out-of-the-box fashion looks. 

9. Jeans

Jeans are the most popular types of pants that are popular all around the world. Whether you are men, a woman, or a kid, you can create your iconic fashion look with jeans. They are made from hard fabric and are durable bottoms that can be used for longer runs. They offer versatility and can be worn on casual or formal occasions. Before you buy any Jeans, ensure they are of good quality and from a high-quality brand.


Streetwear has gained popularity since the 1990s and evolved along with time. With the increase in demand, many streetwear brands have brought different pieces uniquely designed to provide you with the best fashion. Pieces like hoodies, knit sweaters, and graphic tees have been trendy, but some streetwear pants have gained attention in no time. Pants like chinos, track bottoms, khaki, jeans, aviation, prisoner drawstring, palazzo, and joggers have made their standard in streetwear that can be worn casually and formally. All these streetwear pants are easier to wear and provide the most comfortable level.

But before you buy any of these pants, ensure that you find the right size that fits you and is durable. Remember to research the brand from which you wish to buy to ensure that pants are made up of high quality and can be useful in the long run. You can try out all these 9 pants on various types of T-shirts and create your striking fashion every day that can get easily noticed in a crowd. Get on the website of Nike, Adidas, J. Crew, and many other well-known brands and shop for the pants of your choice.

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