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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere in this Teachflix Reviews. Also, learn Teachflix’s features, services and charges.

Many online teaching platforms are present in the United States and Canada with conventional forms of teaching. Did you browse the online teaching platform and find they charge a course fee? Are you searching for readily available content that can be used for creating PPTs, Etc?

Matt Miller came up with Teachflix.org, which simply provides the best teaching resources for better learning and understanding. Let’s check on Teachflix Reviews below.

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About Teachflix:

Teachflix is an online platform created to provide resources commonly and often required by students. As of writing, Teachflix hosts 500+ resources contributed by hundreds of educators who used the same material to teach their students. 

Teachflix was registered on 21st/September/2022 in Ontario, Canada. Within six months and 19 days, Teachflix gained so much popularity that a few times its server is overloaded and gave 503 services unavailable error! However, Teachflix is registered for one year and expires within five months and 14 days.

About Matt Miller and Teachflix Org:

Teachflix originated with the innovative thinking of Matt Miller from Indiana. Matt is a:

  • Keynote & workshop speaker, 
  • A high school Spanish educator, 
  • The author of six books, 
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), and 
  • A member of Ditch That Textbook.

Bases of idea:

Matt found that 95% of grown-up students use YouTube. Many students search for: 

  • Instructional videos, 
  • Teaching resources that are already available so that they can avoid creating content from scratch. 

The uniqueness of Teachflix:

Unlike other copyrighted e-learning platforms, Teachflix allows students to:

  • Take screenshots of course material, its images, and videos; as determined in Teachflix Reviews
  • Share the content on social media platforms in the form of templates, 
  • Display it in the form of a storyboard similar to NetFlix, 
  • Allows students to create a quiz, 
  • Teachflix will enable students to write down the top three takeaways from the course, 
  • Jot down two unanswered questions in the course, and 
  • To describe what they liked about the video.

Naming it – Teachflix!

Matt was inspired by how social media platforms present themselves and how the OTT platform NetFlix made it easy to search its content. Hence, Teachflix Reviews found that Teachflix.org provisioned:

  • Browsing resources by categorization
  • Browsing resources by content
  • Browsing resources by grade levels, and
  • By using a search bar.

Teachflix Review:

Three YouTube reviews and 30+ website reviews about Teachflix.org were positive. However, no user rated it on social media platforms, customer review websites (or) elsewhere on the internet.

Social media links:


Teachflix gained an average 67% trust, 48.1%↓ business, 25/100↓ domain authority, a zero↓ Alexa, 6%↓ suspicion, 3%↓ malware, and 1%↓ spam score. DNSFilter identified Teachflix as a safe site. Teachflix is not blacklisted and uses a secured HTTPS protocol. However, its IP does NOT have an SSL certificate, and Teachflix scored 35% on threat and malware profiles. Hence, Teachflix is possibly legitimate and suggested only for experienced internet users.

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Teachflix Reviews – FAQ

1Q. Is registration required to access Teachflix?


2Q. Teachflix uses how many servers?

Teachflix uses two servers, including ns1.ditchthattextbook.com(IP and ns2.ditchthattextbook.com(IP

3Q. Who is the registrar of Teachflix?

Google LLC.

4Q. How much is the visitors’ count of Teachflix?

An average 328 visitor count per month.

5Q. How much is the speed of Teachflix?

As of writing, due to a 503 error on Teachflix, its speed is undetermined. 

6Q. Who is the ISP of Teachflix?

Unified Layer, USA.

7Q. How many backlinks are available on Teachflix?

There are 8,533 backlinks on Teachflix.

8Q. What are the charges for accessing content on Teachflix (or) Is Teachflix Free?

Teachflix is free to use platform.

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