How Should You Store Kratom Products to Enhance Their Shelf Life?


Today’s generation loves kratom products due to their benefits. People buy organic kratom in bulk but do not know the proper procedure for storing Kratom.

They need to know how correctly storing Kratom can make it potent for a longer duration.

An experienced kratom user should know how to store it. Kratom may quickly begin to degrade if you are not keeping it in an ideal storage condition.

In this article, you will learn about how to properly store Kratom in bulk without letting it degrade.


Kratom lasts about 3-4 months. If you expose Kratom to UV Light, Humidity, and oxygen, its potency degrades.

Many people do not know how to store Kratom, so they think that consuming it within one month of its purchase is essential.

However, if you are a person who buys kratom products in bulk, then you should know the technique for enhancing the shelf life of kratom products.

After reading this article, Kratom Storage will be a piece of cake for all Kratom users, including an occasional kratom user.

Ensure you read the whole article attentively to know all about the proper storage guidelines for maintaining Kratom’s sharp qualities.


Kratom Powder is produced when kratom leaves are dried, harvested, and converted into a fine powder. The origin of Kratom leaves decides the conditions and overall shelf life of your Kratom Powders.

Nothing can affect the potency of your Kratom powder or other kratom product more than storing Kratom incorrectly.

It is advisable to consume your Kratom powder within 3-4 months of harvesting. Kratom’s active compounds are in the most concentrated form during this period.

Thus, Kratom generally lasts 3-4 months. However, there may be an enhancement in the shelf life of Kratom if you will follow the techniques given in the article.


  1. Light
  2. Temperature
  3. Odor
  4. Oxygen
  5. Moisture


Fresh Kratom starts degrading when not stored properly. If you are not following the proper ways after buying Kratom, it may degrade.

Hence, these are the following factors to be kept in mind for enhancing the shelf life of Kratom.

Zero Exposure to UV Light

Direct exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period is harmful even to our skin. Similarly, Kratom is degrading if you are exposing Kratom to UV light.

The main reason to avoid sunlight is to prevent Kratom from breaking down.

Your kratom extracts, powder, or leaves may lose efficacy when exposure occurs. You might notice that it loses the characteristics that make up its strain because the alkaloid concentration changes.

Alkaloids break down when exposed to UV light.

It is advisable to start storing Kratom in dark glass jars, glass containers, dark-colored tins, and other opaque proper containers to slow down the deteriorating or breaking down process.

Stable Temperature

It is essential to store your Kratom at a consistently cool temperature.

Experts opine that to save the kratom powders from condensation to form inside the storage container. Store your Kratom in an area not just on the cooler side (at least under 70 F) but also has stable temperatures, as your kratom powders, capsules, or extracts must be “chilled.”

Many Kratom users choose to refrigerate the product, which is not advisable.

Freezer storage reduces Kratom’s shelf life, resulting in decay or freezer burn because of condensation and the potential contact with moisture.

At last, it is advisable to keep your Kratom in the dark pantries or root cellar to deaccelerate the decay process.

Moisture Free

Moisture is the number one enemy of any food we keep in storage. Under no circumstances should you allow your Kratom to become wet and remain that way. It will decay.

The adverse effects of dampness are the same for leaves, powder, or capsules.

Mold thrives in a damp environment, which causes the Kratom to deteriorate. Kratom will most likely survive longer if kept dry.

As a result, one of the most incredible ways to preserve your leaves from getting harmed is to get rid of moisture and keep them dry.

You may dry the leaves by placing them in a microwave, allowing the moisture to evaporate, and then putting them in an airtight container.

Airtight container or plastic container is best to avoid your Kratom breathe.

Excessive Oxygen

To prevent your Kratom from oxidizing and resulting in degradation of Kratom, try to limit the quantity of oxygen to the bare minimum in your storage containers.

Like UV Light, prolonged exposure of Kratom to Oxygen led to its decay in efficacy.

Vacuum-sealed bags and Airtight Containers will help reduce the oxygen level in the Kratom extract and prevent it from oxidizing.

Distant from Strong Odors

Strong Odors impact how Kratom tastes. Therefore, it is necessary to not keep your Kratom with pungent odoriferous foods like onions, cooked meat, or garlic bread.

Kratom, an organic substance, tends to change quickly per its environment. Thus, keeping your Kratom in the refrigerator is not a good option and should be discarded earlier.

Open butter containers can also put you in this situation. Similar to butter, if you keep Kratom in the fridge with things that have intense flavors, your Kratom may begin to smell like some of these foods.

For example, if you use a cigar humidor box to store Kratom, it may start to smell and taste like a cigar when you take Kratom out of that box.

Use separate containers to store other items, and do not store Kratom with other dietary supplements. Vacuum seal bags are, therefore, the priority to avoid decay.

You may also use larger plastic bin for storing kratom.


Kratom can be ingested in multiple methods, one of which is drinking Kratom tea. You can prepare tea in advance. Therefore, it is convenient to ingest Kratom.

You can have Freezing Kratom tea after brewing. Many users decide to make and freeze Kratom paste of the herb to enhance their supply.

The plant cell walls of the Kratom are broken by freezing, hastening the release of the alkaloids. Your Kratom tea may be potentiated well by freezing.

Frozen Kratom tea is prepared by brewing the tea form as per the usual process and letting it cool to room temperature.

The next step is transferring it to an ice cube tray or plastic-sealed container.

It would be best if you did not use glass as storage method because frozen kratom tea sealed in glass will break when the liquid expands into a solid.

To prevent unwanted freezer odors, keep your frozen tea covered or sealed.


About the Vendor

If you want to buy Kratom from a proclaimed vendor, always go for Organic Kratom. Organic Kratom has different varieties from Kratom Powders to other kratom extracts.

Authentic vendors offer a wide range of dietary supplements and other supplemental dietary products. 

Products Range

Organic Kratom products offers a decent variety at reasonable prices, which lures shoppers. Many stores provide powder, leaves, tea, and other Kratom products, all approved Kratom as per FDA-permissible ingredients.

Price Range

Organic Kratom products offer very affordable pricing. 

Other businesses frequently don’t provide practical build-your-own samplers, making it challenging for new customers to taste several strains without spending a fortune on full-size batches.


At last, the above article is not exclusive, and the users may use another storage method to enhance the shelf life of Kratom.

Taking these guidelines into practice and procedure is vital because consuming decayed and degraded products may also result in serious medical conditions.

Molds in Kratom powder, foul smell, and color change are the visible signs that hint that the products are decayed.

Everyone wants to get the most out of their purchases, whether a seasoned Kratom user or a novice.

Since Kratom is a plant, you must take special precautions to safeguard it in storage if you want to ensure its longevity and quality.

Once you’ve discovered the ideal Kratom strain, keep it properly to ensure long shelf life. Select a location that is consistently cool, shaded, and odor-free.

You can make sure your Kratom lasts as long as possible with a little amount of work. Hence, this article will ensure that Kratom is not stored improperly at your place.

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